PRD are now "abandoning rent" the province over a million units of affordable housing idle

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PRD are now "abandoning rent" the province over a million units of affordable housing idle

Shenzhen Long Liberte lighting rate is not high, the data show that there are more than 2,800 residential suites source surplus. Southern Reporter Xie Xiu gilt photo

PRD are now "abandoning rent" the province over a million units of affordable housing idle

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2011, China announced a 11 million units of affordable housing construction plan, Guangdong proposed goal is 31 million units, a record history. Lapse of two years, the Southern Reporter survey found that the PRD varying degrees of protection of housing idle conditions. Guangdong audit department reported that last year, 11,464 housing units in idle while Guangdong is also the task of building affordable housing units from 310,000 in 2012 into 151,500 units this year and further to 78,400 units(

These idle affordable housing specifically located where? Specific idle What is the reason? Relevant government departments are secrecy, such as building housing the Bureau of Huizhou, from the office to the housekeeping department, six times its each pass the buck calls are our major cities can only Typical security room area to investigate, hoping to see reflected knowledge the whole picture.

Futile to abandon rent

Long Liberte public rental, monthly basis only 16.5 yuan per square meter, 40 square meters in size doing less than 700 a month as long as the yuan, all regions are cheaper rent!

Shenzhen public Liu empty joy of the game this year( News

In this era of rising prices month, he got a good news early as Futian District, an IT company's employees in January this year, he learned that they comply with the public rental 'Shenzhen accounts in the expansion of the pilot enterprises, Bachelor degree or above, no own room, meet the family planning policy 'and other personnel housing application requirements so he excitedly conducted online applications.

'Application dragon Liberte public rental, monthly basis only 16.5 yuan per square meter and 40 square meters in size as long as doing less than 700 yuan a month, more than in all regions of the rent is cheaper! But close to Shenzhen North Station, location not too far away. 'Liu figured a lot, took his wife went to the field house, I did not expect was soon tangled up.

'The house is very beautiful, decoration is also good, but the traffic was too inconvenient.' Liu found that in Longhua District of Shenzhen customs dragon Liberte, only B653 road all the way to the bus, every 35 minutes, although the new plan bus lines covering his own work, Che Kung Temple, Nanshan District, Science and Technology Park and on the step, but did not benefit from the work of Huanggang wife and, although close to Metro North Station in Shenzhen, but Liberte Long walk to the subway takes 15 to 20 minutes. 'In addition, the surrounding supporting what are not, on such an estate, even a convenience store nearby can not find, eat, buy daily necessities should go to the city to go, no place to buy food would cook their own food.' After many thoughts, Mr. Liu eventually abandoned the public rental.

2011, China announced a 10 million units of affordable housing construction plan, Guangdong's goal is 310,000 units, were a record After 2012 the construction of a large number of real estate in the last year and completed, but many security Housing in the site, the surrounding supporting the application fails to meet security policies, etc. Object demand, varying degrees vacant.

In Guangdong Province, recently held three meetings on the second session of the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Audit << submitted for consideration in Guangdong Province 2012 annual provincial budget implementation and other financial revenue and expenditure audit reports >> pointed out that the province's 13 a city level, 28 counties (cities, districts) 11,464 units of affordable housing is idle.

Hard to find affordable housing lived in the area

(Shenzhen Pine Village three West) is basically two-thirds of the room unlit before, rumor has it that the rest of the house should be changed to public rental housing, to meet the requirements can apply for it.

Why are there so many affordable housing idle? They are located exactly where?

August 6 evening, the Southern reporter along South Expressway and Guangzhou-Shantou Highway, came to Guangzhou Luogang limit room get together to create Avenue area.

20:30 or so, in the light housing project Long Fengjinghuating communities, many households in the downstairs walk the rest. Reporter carefully observed by the Guangzhou-Shantou Road side of the six residential in by the road 204 housing units among a total of 89 no lights, lighting rate of approximately 56%.

Fengjinghuating along with apart, the same as the limit room Vanke milestone, the popularity would seem a little busy few. 21:30 or so, in the face of TECVIEW road side two residential buildings, 96 sets house, there are 61 families lights, lighting rate of about 64% a security, told reporters, as far from the city and supporting the issue, there was indeed a case of vacant property owners moved out, 'but it should not be too more. '

In Shenzhen, Nanshan District, located from the city to the mountain pine Song Ping Village community, the bus takes about 30 minutes, would also need to walk 10 minutes. District near the relatively deserted, but with food, entertainment and other basic facilities, the district's fitness There are also many places parents take their kids to play.

As the launch of affordable housing pine Village three, then move in late November last year, a total of 3647 sets of listings of acceptance 2691 qualifying low-income families the election room, and signed a contract for the sale. Monday night about eight o'clock, the reporter Statistics found in the project, the West End lighting rate is about 30%, Eastern lighting rate is slightly higher, about 40%.

'West Side apartment is 50 square meters, 60 square meters apartment Eastern are Liangshiyiting. Apartment is small, a three lived improvise, there are more trouble, the owners often talk between them.' Security community that Reporters came to the nearby white-collar workers renting, told reporters after the application may be, 'Basically unlit two-thirds of the room, before the discussion, said government departments, and the rest of the house we wanted to change public rental, you meet the requirements you can apply for. '

The main city square base in Zhongshan Avenue, next to the Ping Chung Court, built in 2010, Zhongshan is the first affordable housing project, the nature of low-rent housing and public rental, the surrounding supporting excellent, all six buildings of lighting rate also has six Seventy 1,2,3 top floor but has a whole row of dark. Area residents told reporters that the top 11 layers and 12 layers is a duplex, I heard began to foreign sales, but then not below, these top Suite from completion when it is idle, up to now has been almost four years. '4,5,6,7 opposite ridge is almost empty after the completion of two years to go until the end of a good distribution of the household.'

In Huizhou, first built in 2009 and since the earliest occupation of a housing project --- Hui District housing project Jiangbei the 25th district (Huimin garden), a total of 644 units of affordable housing, low-rent housing. Thereof facing the Third Ring Road a row of five affordable housing, about 85 suites, of which only 54 suites lights, and on the other side of the more storied building, the lighting rate is less than 40%, according to the Southern Reporter observed, neither light lights, hanging clothes on the balcony nor place any object or at least 30. Jiangbei the 25th district a property management person in charge Mr. Huang told reporters the South, the district there were still more than 50 suites vacant, waiting for eligible residents to apply.

'Necessary to protect' ≠ 'did not ask' contradictions

Qualifying this year to participate Diannaopaiwei over 300 people, only 100 people can attend the nearest dragon light kindergarten, the remaining 24 9 Even within the radius of five kilometers add up all the private kindergartens fit.

Why cheap price or rent housing affordable housing difficulties can not attract submission? Reporter survey found that site too biased, supporting imperfect, is a lot of demand for those who would have to abandon the purchase, lease affordable housing causes.

Light in Guangzhou Dragon Fengjinghuating an owner surnamed Ye told reporters, when to buy a limit room was quite happy, but then the cell after the birth of a child many households are facing troubled children to school. 'Long Light Vanke milestone Fengjinghuating and owners can only choose Long Fengjinghuating light of public kindergartens and primary school is near Huangpi primary degree, the current degree is not enough. 'Mr Yip said that some of the residents for this reason , had to move out of here.

Prior to parental cells induced in both the education sector's letter also pointed out that 'in this year's Dragon Optical nursery Diannaopaiwei qualified more than 300 people, only 100 people can attend the nearest dragon light

Kindergarten, the remaining 249 children are required to take public transport to go to kindergarten, but even within the radius of five kilometers of private kindergartens all add up to fit. '

In Guangzhou, a large housing project with multiple wide-nitrogen region, but also because of logistic problems being repeated complaints from residents, such as affordable housing plots Canton nitrogen Canton nitrogen delivered at the end of the garden, the residents frequently complained variety of issues, including traffic inconvenience, garbage, such as mountains, gas late pass etc. To this end the Guangzhou Urban Planning Bureau in Eastern Area Canton nitrogen supporting high standards of public service facilities, programs supporting health service centers, meat market, cultural centers and so on.

Shenzhen abandoned rent Liu, after reading the Shenzhen Long Liberte, the deeply inconvenient transportation and living abandoned application, the situation in the real estate applicants is not the case. Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau released data show that Shenzhen Long Liberte first launch of 8250 units of public rental source, publish with rent notice, the City Construction Bureau received live online application 25,815 copies, the online application initially shortlisted finalists and alternates for 10,352 families, however, the first batch of finalists Applicants showings, submit a written application to the 5683 family plummeted, the actual acceptance rate of only 55%, about 45% of the applicant families opt to submit material which talent with rent listings for nearly half of unmanned applications, there more than 2800 suites source surplus.

Similarly along with Edmund Yuan Zhongshan, last September, the allocation of public rental ballot, because built soon, surrounding facilities are not perfect, 180 suites source only been picked to go nine sets.

Development Institute of Tourism and Real Estate Research Center Director Song Ding said that now appear unallocated affordable housing units the main reasons is the actual demand for products and markets a distance. 'Site location, layout design, facilities and surrounding environment remains is the focus of attention of buyers. '

Shenzhen Housing Research Association executive vice president Margaret Chan is considered poor, as Shenzhen land supply, affordable housing and real estate, as in remote locations had to develop. 'But that does not mean that there are housing needs of low-income groups can not be improve their living conditions. '

Policy factors have led to a large number of idle

Mr. Chen has successfully applied for in 2010, Dongguan Village Graceland selected by the fitness room and a room number, you can project until now no handover. Dongguan Urban Construction Bureau, said, mainly because 'land certificate has not been run.'

Dongguan, built in 2008 on Graceland Village affordable housing community, its idle and another reason the project is a low-cost housing project of 846 and 329 affordable housing has been completed in November 2011 handover. Nan Chen President in 2010 on the successful application of the Graceland Village by the fitness room and picked out the room number, the whole family has been looking forward to new homes as soon as possible to improve the life of the project until now can not pay floor. Chen told reporters, three years, he had countless times holding a child's hand hovered at Graceland Village outside, each separated by railings looked inside, eager to live in. reporter also saw the cell, the cell has been basically completed the huge, green done a good job, community There is also six badminton courts, children's playground plasticized soft ground ground. elevator also found that there is an elevator speech broadcast to remind a few of the floor to the floor, the elevator is also floating transfer from Eason << love >> The elevator also set up a barrier-free button for wheelchair disabilities.

Construction of such a high standard cell utilization was extremely low, basically at idle. Apart from four, five households have more than 100 low-rent housing tenants move in. In addition, in 2011 the four had been delivered by the fitness room, and now still did not people. Reporters saw, because the long unoccupied, dusty corridor on the first floor, the floor surface has begun to bear from spider silk. Dongguan Urban Construction Bureau, announced that, mainly because of 'land certificate has not been run', so can not handle the resulting planning permits, real estate license, affecting occupancy.

Reduction and quality and to reduce the vacancy

The task of building affordable housing from 2011 to 310,000 units in 2012, 151,500 units dropped further to this year's 78,400 units.

Provincial and municipal authorities have taken note of the problems of affordable housing, affordable housing construction tasks from 2011 to 310,000 units, 151,500 units in 2012 dropped further to 7.84 million units this year, around the city, the task of building response substantially reduced, with a focus transferred to completion, matching and allocation up.

In March this year, Guangdong version of 'new national five' rules << Guangdong Provincial People's Government General Office of the State Council regulation on the real estate market continue to do work notice >> explicitly requested, affordable housing projects should as far as possible in the public transport , education, health, farmers markets and other facilities more perfect region, with particular emphasis on supporting the construction of the public transport system. localities should pay close attention to improve housing security management system in the region to speed up construction of housing security management information system, to achieve multi-sectoral information sharing. the end of 2013, around the level listing (including Shunde District) District should meet the conditions, stable employment of migrant workers into the scope of housing security.

Zhongshan also relaxed the past two years continuous adjustment of affordable housing access standards from last year difficult standard 10 square meters per capita housing construction area of ​​13 square meters to adjust a single person to apply independently for the age limit was lowered from 30 to 25 years of age, and this year Again the relaxation of families with per capita monthly disposable income criteria from the original 1,385 yuan to 1,556 yuan less following adjustments.

Insiders have questioned a second and third tier cities housing situation vary greatly around the protection of housing policy and task allocation should be adapted to local conditions, such as last year's Zhongshan Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee on Urban and Rural Construction << city housing security work on the investigation report >> pointed out, Zhongshan City housing project for a long time due to the implementation, the city residence housing for needy families previously been basically cities do.

Expert opinion

Development Institute of Tourism and Real Estate Research Center Director Ding Song: upgrade package will quickly reduce vacancy

Right now appear unallocated affordable housing units in the main reasons for promoting the protection of the original large-scale residential projects, time is tight, the lack of adequate market research, resulting in a product and the actual market demand distance.

Although affordable housing is for low-income groups and the 'sandwich class', but the price is not the only factor in their purchase, site location, layout design, facilities and surrounding environment is still the focus of attention of buyers when the security room in the above several factors not meet buyers expectations for housing, even when the price is low, it still can not attract them to apply to buy.

Therefore, the relevant government departments in the planning, construction and delivery of affordable residential projects need to take into consideration because of the higher density of affordable housing construction, mainly in small and medium sized living high population density and a lower proportion of households in the vehicle, so siting should convenient to public transportation as the first element, try connecting with a large public transport facilities, especially those with larger space, convenient transportation hub near population distribution for existing unallocated housing project, the Government should strengthen the supporting facilities improve transportation, geographic conditions to enhance the protection of housing vacancy will quickly reduce the phenomenon.

Affordable housing situation in Guangdong in recent years

Guangzhou in 2011 and 2012 the amount of affordable housing units and 85,000, respectively, over 4 million units, based on the 2013 Guangzhou, protection of housing construction will be in accordance with the manner required for the construction set of arrangements for affordable housing projects 33 months, 19,459 units, of which the public rental housing based.

Shenzhen in 2012, Shenzhen actual supply of affordable housing projects of about 23,900 units, of which public rental housing about 14,400 units of affordable housing about 01,800 units, housing type housing approximately 04,100 units , price of commercial housing about 03,600 sets of .2013 years, the plan basically completed affordable housing projects 30,200 units, including public rental housing approximately 18,200 units of affordable housing about 00,800 units, demolition resettlement of about 07,200 units, housing type housing approximately 04,000 units.

Huizhou Huizhou in 2013 the task of building new affordable housing units for the 3165, of which 2165 units of public rental housing, renovation of dilapidated buildings Overseas Chinese Farm 1000 sets, basically completed the task 4148 units of affordable housing, including public rental housing 3198 sets.

Zhongshan in 2012 the city started construction of affordable housing 4333 sets new payment of rental housing subsidies 275, was completed in 3589 sets .2013 task 2700 to start the construction of affordable housing units, 3,000 units basically completed, the new payment of rental subsidies 500.

Dongguan 2012 new public rental housing project 33 total 7575 sets, 6807 sets of .2012 completed during the start of 4775 units of affordable housing there, in 2013 the city will be new construction of affordable listings 5000 units, continued construction of 25,000 units, solve 5000 housing difficulties of low-income families.

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