Spreading rumors on the Internet must not be tolerated

Published: 9:27:35 August 9,2013  Views: 162

8 morning, the spread of Hunan Xiangxiang for network traffic, 'sack and dragged off track' rumors, Xiangxiang public security microblogging released its findings, saying the police notify the funeral body bag company to use environmentally friendly system for preparation of the deceased normal law enforcement. Deceased cousin XiaoMou (net Mr. Ming Xiaomin and three not present case, released microblogging spread false rumors, resulting in adverse social impact, the police will be held accountable according to the law. (Xinhua Changsha, Aug. 8 as a netizen, I applaud the actions of the police.

'Sack and dragged off track' is a microblogging these days the focus and hot spots of the posts and microblogging soon as he was seen in a short time will be awarded 16,874 times forwards, 6832 comments, opinion sally, criticism, abuse of sound prevalent, although truth thing short time, but the rumor has greatly relieved the credibility of the police, to the social order, social stability, social security has brought a greater impact, damaging our country << Security Administration Punishment Law> > Article 25 stipulates that 'spreading rumors, false danger, disease, alarm or other means to intentionally disrupt public order' behavior, 'at 25 not more than 10 days detention, may impose a fine of five hundred(http://www.best-news.us/).' be seen, investigate 'sack and dragged off track' rumors spread by liability in legal basis.

Now, only the development of stable, peaceful people is happiness has become the consensus of today's Chinese people are most clearly what is most needed, rely on a harmonious and orderly social environment creation, peace and stability How precious homeland. Rumor is not evil , fake information, it is harmful 'virus' that stitch in time saves nine, corrupt social values ​​and jeopardize social order, social justice digestion in any one country, no matter how tolerant society, openness, and never allow evil rumors havoc every man a conscience, will be on the rumors about his abhorrence, but also on respect for others, society, nation resolutely rumors say this is the sound development of the social climate, are firmly against disinformation pass rumors solid confidence.

The rise of microblogging, both to provide a manufacturing rumors convenience place, and gave the spread of rumors provide a 'fission' speed. With microblogging technology environment and conditions, as long as the rumors of the kernel has enough explosive, regardless of How innocent acting in his destructive forces will be strong enough, no matter how careless pass by rumors, rumors spread of his destructive power is also very crucial. never let microblogging and other new technology areas as acting in a shelter, and becoming pass rumors 's distribution center, so the timely application of the law of the weapon, steady Accurate on rumors and rumors are to contain and combat, maintaining the normal order of microblogging to defend the majority of Friends of Bo informed normal message, not misleading rumors rights.

Online world should also be civilized rule healthy garden, everyone should cherish this platform to their own statements, voice, publishing responsibility is both to build public order and good morals are the basis of a citizen(News News http://www.best-news.us/). Curb rumors manufacture and dissemination eliminate Rumors harm and injury, maintain social justice and peace, in order to build up stamina for the healthy development of micro-Bo, when not infect rumors microblogging, microblogging and social progress will be able to radiate further impetus.

Rumors can have, but our attitude is never be tolerated! Publish untrue microblogging spread the 'sack and dragged off track' Rumors will be required to accept the penalty of the law!

(Original title: Network for spreading rumors must not be tolerated

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