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Big data is being played out in different industries legend recently, even with open arms, Film and Television also won the 'Pandora's box.' Especially in the U.S. Netflix (Netflix) using big data analytics Toupai drama << >> In the house of cards more than 40 countries and regions, with great success, so that the domestic film industry to more clearly see the 'data' forces, whether willing or not, a change in the mode of production of film and television revolution has begun without any explanation.

Recorded for television preferences and tastes

Watch 1990 BBC version like house of cards >> << audience, is also famous director David Fincher fans while they are still Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey's loyal fans - this is the United States Netflix, By using big data for users accustomed to the results of an analysis, they integrate these three elements together Toupai a new version << >> house of cards, the last one hit.

Netfilx big data used in the drama's first outstanding success typical( 'Big data' almost throughout the house >> << cards including production, marketing, distribution, including all aspects. According to statistics, in the production process, through the collection of In Netfilx generated every day on more than 3000 ten thousand acts: Where will include users pause, rewind, fast forward and comments and search requests, ie, if some one million spectators are done in a particular node or fast-forward playback The action, which can be analyzed to have the meaning of, and to guide the use of the results of content production.

Seemingly boring data, records the users of television content preferences and tastes, which is << >> house of cards became popular cheats. << >> House of cards of fame, so big data in the domestic film industry has been greatly admired.

Many industry insiders believe that big data applications can greatly increase the success rate of film and television drama, such as watercress born before hot posts >> << lovelorn 33 days, now aggressively movie << >> small time, there are large data 'shadow.' It is said, << >> Back in small time before investing Chupin company on the original literary namesake of hits on the site, click on the user identity and other key data for the research and analysis of the film which may The core and the presence of the second lap, third lap where viewers.

So that greatly increased the success rate of the drama

In the country, in order to achieve better box office and ratings, Internet companies, theaters, film and television production companies have begun large data mining and applications attempt(Media News

Recent greatly welcomed by young love drama << >> apartment, on the use of big data technologies. Their Chupin Hatton media is considered to be domestic film and television industry 'big data' development and application of the pioneer. Had love in the film << Apartment 3 >> ago, the traditional content producers and traditional media and not approved this project, Hatton overall assessment of the play, for example, what the audience watching the play, and then in various television stations and the data were matched at the same time also consider the cost of all actors. consulting for television stations, including the time at which the demand, roughly how much the ratings, television stations and then decide whether to buy the play.

The end result is obtained through low-cost high-yield. << Love Apartment 3 >> priced at about 4.66 million yuan per episode, because the film and television industry has a leading database Hatton media produced many television series have achieved higher ratings rate, such as the summer home three daughter << >>, << >> sublime love, love waking up << >>, << her family's story >>, << >> Love Band-Aid, etc. According to the briefing, the database contains Since 1997, nearly a film and television drama broadcast across platforms sub-regional, sub-audience ratings assess the situation, a collection of information on major domestic production team, documented director, screenwriter, producer, etc. more than 2000 , actor super 7000, covering domestic broadcast creative staff recorded more than 90%, the other members of the production team (photography, lighting, art, makeup, etc.) more than 80%.

'Before we are often sold directly to television drama, in fact, all of the products have been doing in the early, but we do not know that these products are not marketable, do not know how to judge the quality of the ratings. Hatton data more targeted, before shooting an assessment can be made, it should address which sets what time, to what actors, for what kind of audience, relatively speaking, more scientific, data collection was also more comprehensive. 'China Qian Jin, vice president of policy film representation.

'Integrative' combination of experience combined with data

As the largest and strongest private television enterprises, Huace recent to more than 1.6 billion yuan of big moves acquired Hatton media ripple in the film industry not only because it is so far film and television industry in the largest amount of trade acquisitions, but also because it means that big data will be more widely applied to the production and marketing of television movies go.

'After the acquisition, Huace is expected to become the first domestic drama industry market share of over 10% of the company, with an annual output will reach 1000 drama set above.' Huace by Fang Zhao, general manager, told reporters, 'In the future the company will test the water Big Data platform with the traditional film business combination of new industry model. '

A new revolution is about to begin, although some people still doubt on big data, after all, is a film and television art, relies entirely on the data speak feasible? February this year, Sohu video rushed final decision on the introduction of the U.S. drama << >> house of cards, but its chief operating officer Liu that 'not too big myth data.'

Film and television production on the domestic market, take full advantage of big data to determine the contents of the production is still not mature enough. Response, Huace also think that can not be completely standardized and streamlined if large data with the company of the same script, then the judgment of conflict , then they will take the way of Integrative Medicine: If the data does not support the shooting, you can appeal to the industry prior judgment Huace Deputy General Manager Liu Yang said: 'The analogy is like a Zhanghang Hai big data graph, film and television companies is the ship If charts are not allowed, then we have an experienced captain. '

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