Netizen "Look theater critic guess age" of online writing theater reviews junior partner to be careful

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Netizen "Look theater critic guess age" of online writing theater reviews junior partner to be careful Netizen 'Look theater critic guess the age'

Claustrophobia non fog fog << >> recently since the launch, users have been known Qiongyao 15 years this first original artwork to mine down, this is simply Qiong Yao's grandmother painstaking work himself 30 years ago to recycle! Claustrophobia blend of drama << >> << Wild Goose on the Wing include >>, << but our hearts >>, << >> Knots and many other novel's plot ...... and so on, you how Chiung Yao's novels will remember these stories? exposure ages, right? There rating << >> will lift gantry Escort >> << Wulin should all right after 70 after 80, so small partners, online writing theater reviews Oh, be careful, because when you play by those familiar tells where may the exposure age friends(

Finished exposure age, you are looking Qiong Yao grew up?

'Qiong Yao latest suspense pure love drama' non fog fog >> << Claustrophobia, this classic title from the prefix attribute to Qiong Yao drama are quite finally launch it, and launch it has achieved a frighteningly high ratings, 1.816 The miraculous surprise ratings data so users fall Pakistan, admire 'Auntie Qiong Yao is really the same as the existence of God.'

User summarized that Wild Goose on the Wing << >>, << Knots >>, << >>, etc. but our hearts had a novel plot, have been ported to non-fog << Claustrophobia Fog >> in it, 'the story of Ruby comes with Li Sheng Lin Shao >> << Wild Goose, Wan Qian's story from << >> Knots, Yang Zi's story, but mainly from the upper << heart >> 'and even' Gengruo Chen ',' Gengke Yi 'these classic names are unchanged from the old crop is Qiong Yao Knots >> << moved up in quite a few years of faithful audience were outraged , one would look at this says something like Wild Goose on the Wing << >>, << Knots >> like that, you can also have a young audience, quite relish, was one up on what these magical snowflake fireworks sparks spray name to overawed, as to what Knots << >>, << but our hearts >> horse is God totally did not read, and so on, how do you so well? Did you have seen? oh ... ( News I know, you are looking at Qiongyao grew up! So many Tucao a positive energetic friends in the gun, 'No, exposure ages,' and 'Grandma Qiongyao overkill, harming themselves,' and 'How Many Suns from << >> << flower to see this non- Flowers >>, okay I admit that I was making a lot of tears Qiong Yao, in other words, I am old. '......

70 young audiences after Qiongyao feelings tend to pure tucao

Qiong Yao audience from 50 to 90 across the rear, the sound from the audience of users Tucao not difficult to see on Qiong Yao has depth understanding of the points, calculated according to this logic continues, those seen Brigitte Lin Qin Qiong Yao era works of children's shoes, you are zero after a few bars at your own condemnation.

Such as young viewers tend to pure tucao is Qiong Yao usual sentence parallelism and exaggerated shocked modifiers 85 after 90, but looking at their seven Tong Hua Tang Guo grew up, they look at a 45 degree angle at the sky bright half half sadly into a river upstream Han also endure, but these five fans Chiung Yao's grandmother's speech three logical context for network grew little friends stunned: 'hypocritical + ungrounded gas.'

And after 70 after 80 Qiongyao grew up watching these users apparently tucao sandwiched right never grounded gas Qiong Yao's nostalgia and can not bear to look: 'Qiong Yao Grandma, I beg you to sign off now!! You're still young, I was old the. '

Today, many oratorios a shot, users can guess from the drama critic of age, in addition to Claustrophobia >> << recent oratorio must be the hottest Escort >> << gantry comes to the show and must provide Swordsman << >>, I remember like Wulin >> << are also Western style of young people, and after a lapse of seven years, the assessment shall mention << >> << gantry Escort Wulin should all 70 >> After 80 bar, such as 'making really good than Wulin * * * times, but then there is still Swordsman intimacy', 'drama and martial arts really worse, after all, once the two goods are put together to together is not easy, even when the mother of your mouth should be said that it '...... and some drama critic a look that is not seen Wulin >> << 90,' slot points better, faster laughed neuropathy , and there is time to find the Wulin look '...... of course say is' something done this summer, '' Dragon saved my summer vacation, 'the inevitable is that there are over 90 after the summer, chances are still after 00 yet.

These friends how old your own judgment

Qiong Yao enduring works 50 years, after the audience spanning from 50 to 90, the sound from the audience Tucao users can easily see on Qiong Yao has depth understanding of the points, but no way to verify the age of users, the reader to judge it.

@ Han Song down: Amidst the Rain, How Many Suns, in the water side, the fire of heaven, my mind (Qiong Yao) four good. Romantic novels of fiction rather than a standard to measure good.

@ Entertainment home shop: << Claustrophobia fog fog >> only read a non-set, I have been unable Tucao. Qiongyao Grandma, you are still stuck in Swallow time? Speak basically rely roar, basically rely on shaking action. Leaves Where a modern version of the Swallow whole, do not say reckless rush classroom, but also became a female Jordan, Chinese basketball is really blind you did not find it.

@ Chandler - Capricorn: Qiong Yao drama launch, mark down, read her writing: Wild Goose on the Wing, window, Dodder Flower, purple shells, Knots, Yilianyoumeng, with several sunset Red. personally feel wild goose, thousands of guitar, sunset red, and the window is very nice, the pattern is not so small, the writing is also known, not so early Niwai. (Zhang Yan) Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.