Zhu Yawen "ZhenYangMen down" very enjoyable to play Beijing menfolk

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Zhu Yawen "ZhenYangMen down" very enjoyable to play Beijing menfolk Zhu Yawen starred in Beijing menfolk Zhu Yawen "ZhenYangMen down" very enjoyable to play Beijing menfolk Zhu Yawen cycling to work Zhu Yawen "ZhenYangMen down" very enjoyable to play Beijing menfolk Zhu Yawen under the Qianmen

LOS ANGELES Beijing taste full of inspirational drama << Qianmen in Beijing next >> TV hit, play by Jiacheng [microblogging] guidance, bringing together Zhu Yawen [microblogging], Ni Da, Li Guangfu other actors. Had < <Chuangguandong >>, << my Natasha >>, << away Eagle >> Northeast tough guy who plays such as Zhu Yawen, giving the impression that he is north menfolk, Zhu Yawen in << ZhengYangMen next> > play the leading role in the independence, but also to depict an authentic old Beijing Chun-Ming Han, and in fact Zhu Yawen from Jiangsu, is a pure Southerner(http://www.best-news.us/).

Zhu Yawen sigh difficult transition drama performances

Itself is in Jiangsu's Zhu Yawen The next >> << Qianmen Beijing, who plays a man, although this role is also a northerner, but unlike Zhu Yawen previously always tough guy image. WORKER name of the character looks very sleek, brain live, sweet mouth, his 'positive' wrapped up in these images, and from the bones revealed to fact Chun-Ming Han is a helpful and work hard on their own life-changing pure man(Entertainment News http://www.best-news.us/). Zhu Yawen in an interview said, 'I came to Beijing learning life ten years, these years of experience come together to form a point dribs and drabs, Chun-Ming Han cohesion in the play this role. '

In era of opera fame, rarely took a role in modern drama of Zhu Yawen said: As long as the script is good, good character will then play. Pair starred in the role of what feelings Chun-Ming Han, Zhu Yawen, 'said Chun-Ming Han first contact with such a role, shooting After the speech do not know how well this role ruffian whether there is a positive trait manifested. << ZhengYangMen Next >> I read it twice, give yourself 85 points, but I think some scenes right their performances are not satisfied, you can also perform better. '

Zhu Yawen play 'Beijing man' very enjoyable

In next >> << Qianmen in Beijing, Zhu Yawen piece children to be talking about hemp slip children, Zhu Yawen frankly, starred in the Beijing Chun-Ming Han man makes me very relaxed, Beijing man what to say, very refreshing. Taken apart, Zhu Yawen often side with Meng Su Xiaoxiao played jokes, slapstick, the atmosphere is very relaxed.

While living in Beijing for ten years, but the drama for some old Beijing customs, Zhu Yawen but also to ask the old drama of bone Li Guangfu drama teacher Zhu Yawen said he was enjoying this movie shooting, sometimes listening to the teacher with the old Li Guangfu selling authentic Beijing dialect, very enjoyable. Zhu Yawen said, 'everyone will love this next >> << Qianmen, so the audience relive this can not be copied, rich authentic old Beijing hutong life.'

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