Waist Wanyuan poor youth admitted to graduate

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2 a serious illness at the age of permanent disability, because could not put 50,000 yuan surgery incapacitated his father, an earthquake toppled houses turn home ...... Dazhou Wanyuan Otake town Chenbang Tao in the face of these difficulties without Choose yield, but with a strong will and hard effort, and finally to a score of 612 was admitted to Hebei Medical University, five years later, he once again admitted to the honors of Shanxi Medical University graduate ......

2 years old a permanent disability

February 1989, Chen Bangtao Crane was born in the town of Wanyuan Otake Pa a villager's home, the child's parents are very pleased allowed to come, but I never thought two years old, Chen Bangtao has had a serious illness (impetigo osteomyelitis ), because of the limited medical standards, conducting five surgeries later, he finally came to a left leg and right arm three mutilated.

After falling disability son, Chen Bangtao mother very sad that physical deterioration, perennial minor illnesses continue to (http://www.best-news.us/).2002, Chen Bangtao father and diagnosed with lumbar disc herniation, for the treatment of his father spent all their savings at home, in order to let his son continue reading, his father had to go to Henan mine mining sick money .2009, due to exacerbations, and no $ 50,000 surgery, his father abandoned the treatment, resulting in loss of ability to work, had to rest at home.

Medical admitted to 612 points

Since childhood physical disability, family income and distress, Chen Bangtao more mature than their peers and sensible. 'From primary to high school, I told myself to learn, to become proud parents.' Chenbang Tao told reporters, with their continuous efforts In 2008, he successfully score of 612 admitted to the clinical expertise of Hebei Medical University, but because when the 5(Education News http://www.best-news.us/).12 earthquake toppled houses in their homes, in order to build a house, Chen Bangtao home has been heavily in debt, admitted to the university The Chen Bangtao only leaned national student loan to complete my college education.

'College, I use all the time to enrich their professional knowledge, and even slept five hours.' Chen Bangtao that through the efforts of preparing, he was admitted again this year Shanxi Medical inner science graduate. Though admitted to graduate is Chen Bangtao has been the wish, but the school fees, so that he and his parents was very difficult.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter on the '2013 love student Dreams' whether the action can be given Chen Bangtao help call the municipal corporation, the person said, because this activity is mainly for freshmen, while Chen Bangtao are graduate students, for which they need to Chen Bangtao this particular one case studies, make a decision. (Florida Daily News reporter Tang Yanyan Liu Yan)

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