Two old man who used a gun to shoot birds mountains attract birds chirp was manslaughter

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Two old man who used a gun to shoot birds mountains attract birds chirp was manslaughter Identify the scene said the suspect was birds singing is coming out from the bushes at

Southeast Network August 9 hearing (Strait Herald reporter Wu Pengbo correspondent Zhang Chunbo Zhongfu Di) 1 August afternoon, Wu County town of Lao Li Shifang, loaded with gunpowder and iron beads fowling uphill fowling, the same time, ten town square leaves Hang forests, but also from home, set foot on the same road, into the mountains to shoot birds.

The silence of the mountains, with a loud 'bird' talk of the town fowling piece trigger button, the forests of the life on this die. Longyan Wu Ping police fought 27 hours after the successful detection of this fowling piece from the wrongful death case.

'Orion' mysterious disappearance was found dead

Recently, Longyan Wu County town of Ye Hang ten villagers forested mountains fowling night did not return, the family could not find, rushed to the police station(

After much searching, ten police station in the mountains near the village of clay a dense thorns, found the bloodied forests.

After forensic inspection, forests initial time of death 1 August afternoon, the cause of death lines were fowling piece of iron beads hit the vital parts.

Wu County Public Security Bureau immediately launched the task force visited the survey have villagers, had seen that day in the town of Lao Li mountains to hunt. Task force from the periphery Mopai find talk of the town in the afternoon incident has left home to Wu Ping county seat. Various signs point to talk of the town.

Hear the birds on the results missed shot and killed a man

Wu Shifang County town talk of the town, was already sixty (News News February 1 at noon, he was eating lunch, nothing else, you think to the nearby mountains to fight a few birds to grandchildren Bubu body.

Old Lee plots of a soil to remove the hidden room good fowling piece, loaded with gunpowder and iron beads, the next hill to catch the moment, forests also from home, ready to shoot birds into the mountains.

Talk of the town along the foot of the mountain, along the creek up hill direction. Went to a nearby ridge, he heard somewhere came the bird cheerful sounds. Follow the birds singing around, more and more clear sound talk of the town quietly near the patch of woods, towards the direction of the sound buckle under the trigger ......

According to Lao Li said he was approached when viewed in the thorns found a man dressed in camouflage to lie down in the grass beside him stood a tape recorder, tape placed to attract birds chirp.

The man is forested. Lao Li see forests not breathing, panic hair to escape trouble in the talk of the town under the leadership of the police to find someone's fowling piece and not run out of iron beads. Upon examination, indeed Department of someone's fowling piece. Currently, Lao Li Ping Wu, the police have been under criminal detention.

Southeast Network August 9 hearing (Taiwanese version Hoi newspaper reporter Liao Mingsheng correspondent Zhang Chunbo Zhong Fudi text / Chart) came the sound of birds in the bushes, he was excited, and after stalking is shot, came closer, the birds did not play with, lying on the ground but a bloody man, stood beside a recorder and a bird with a net, and birds singing is coming out from the tape recorder before yesterday, Longyan man on suspicion of negligence causing Li Mouhua sin is death Longyan Wu Ping Jingfangxingju.

Hunters catch the bird was shot to death

Happened in the afternoon of August 1, 53-year-old Wu County town of Shifang Lin Ye Hang a hunter, as usual, to the mountains to catch a bird, but the family waited all night, Lin has been no home, family to mountains looking after fruitless alarm.

Ten police station after careful search in the mountains near the village of clay in a dense bushes to find a bloodied Lin. The forensic examination, Lin Department by a man with such a firearm fowling shot in the head while iron beads die.

Task force to find the source of the gun as a breakthrough, for the ten town all guns mounted a carpet investigation, investigating each of the new and old Orion, while incidence visited places along the day of the incident incidence households and dry farm land near the village , looking for witnesses.

As the investigation deepens, there are villagers, had seen the day of the incident in the town of Li Mouhua mountains to hunt. As not to arouse his suspicions, the panel from the periphery Mopai found Li Mouhua afternoon the incident has left home to Wu Ping county with crime suspects, and in the 3rd summoned Li Mouhua.

Saw the police at the moment, Li Mouhua bow confessed crimes.

Shot after the discovery that there is a human nest

63-year-old Li Mouhua, is the town square Wuping ten clay village, has been farming at home .8 February 1 at noon, Li Mouhua after lunch, nothing else, you think to the nearby mountains to fight a few birds, to grandchildren Bubu body. Li Mouhua motorcycle plots of a soil to remove the hidden room good fowling piece, loaded on to a fowling piece gunpowder and iron beads after the next hill to catch.

According to Li Mouhua account, when he went to a nearby ridge, I heard the bushes came the cheerful bird sounds. 'I was very excited and thought discovered a nest,' Li Mouhua follow the birds singing stalking, sounds more and more clear, Li Mouhua crept close to the patch of grass, the sound coming from the direction toward the buckle under the trigger.

View approached the finish gun, found the grass does not nest, and a man dressed in camouflage to lie down in the grass, covered in blood, stood beside him with a tape recorder and a fowler's net, bird cry is coming out from the tape recorder.

'I knew then that is how it happens, scared legs soft.' Li Mouhua see who was shot was not breathing, and after some hesitation, panic fled the scene and went to a relative Ping Wu's home county hiding.

Lin described the deceased's family, Lin has been hunting for a living, because a lot of birds hill, over the years mainly over mountains catch the bird, and his very special way to catch a bird, first with recorder player attract birds chirp, and then with a net to catch birds.


Fowling piece, old refers to a class of firearm gun is Ming's call for new matchlock, because muzzle size as the beak, so called fowling piece, also known as the beak pistol in Longyan, some villagers with fowling piece, Fill gunpowder and iron beads, balls, etc. for fowling.

Police said the fowling piece has some lethal, are regulated firearm, illegal possession of any unit or individual, possession of firearms, are criminal acts, if the home has kept the fowling piece and other firearms, ammunition, should take the initiative to hand over In response to this from Murder Caused by a fowling piece, Ping Wu, the police will launch a one-month special action firearms governance explosion.

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