When students from the online store owner with the knowledge to make money

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When students from the online store owner with the knowledge to make money

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A year ago, undergraduate students [microblogging] British off in Taobao opened a shop that specializes in providing counseling services in English writing due to high level of English, good quality of service, one year after the shop's revenue actually helped off earn a year in the UK read about £ 10,000 undergraduate tuition can be said that stunned the surrounding small partner.

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'My English is very good, very like to help others learn English, which led to a lot of people who come to me for help understanding look essay, I felt this market demand(http://www.best-news.us/).' Well open shop in mind when talking about said, 'and I Tuition is not cheap in foreign countries, earn money best. 'Well this year has just received graduate of Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious graduate school admission letter, high English proficiency, he was confident that he often can tutoring IELTS [ Microblogging] writing score seven points or less based on the original customer increased by 1 point. Indeed, the use of both languages ​​advantages offered storefronts, economic input costs are relatively small, the economic pressure is good for international students selection.

Well the same opportunities as homeopathic targeting opened shop, not uncommon in South Korea South Korea studying Xiaozhu discovered tour tourism market demand for services, opened an online shop to provide students guided tours: 'before there come to China Visitors pay for me to do unilaterally guided experience. want to continue this work, afraid of their own busy, simply engage in 'study partner' up. 'Now, Xiaozhu team of tour guides have grown to nearly 20 people, average of two days for one person, a reasonable allocation of time but also to ensure quality of service.

With the knowledge to make money

Lift the shop operators were difficulties reflections off road: 'say too much, all tears (tears are all that much). Has a lot to rub consultation, sent a few emails asking questions, of course, I have patience answers, but the last one that you want to pay, they worship, as well as peer-to write malicious Poor(Education News http://www.best-news.us/). 'And what makes a well-off headache is sudden encounter changes since last month, Taobao launched the' I can help you 'Platform, the seller must require all service classes through this platform to show their' baby ', the same type of service can only show one.' demonstrate a, lost a lot of business. 'Well said.

'But those who do seriously, are not bad, are the junior partner will be stunned by the kind.' Well received tutoring English writing service fee from 100 yuan to 300 yuan, much higher than peers out of the prices, but relying on high-quality service slowly accumulated a good reputation: 'I think there is still demand for this industry, met a good thing, we still know what's what.'

For students, the 'freedom timeline' and allow them to 'academic' and 'money' find a balance. Study in Germany Jason also opened a shop, final encounter busy time, will directly tell the customer Not the most recent orders: 'Anyway, customers are mostly friends, it will not affect the credit rating or something.' outstanding well-off, also said it is important to open shop degrees of freedom: 'If I catch exam review, writing papers, directly in the shop home to write about a day to a Japanese shops do not open the door. '

In fact, there have been well-off migrant workers experience: 'I've done quite a variety, such as washing the dishes, my feeling is that this occupation is not harvested, besides paying the money little experience not many, far less than with the knowledge to make money, you can also grow your own knowledge. '

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