Premium auction block trading blowout

Published: 10:38:34 August 9,2013  Views: 84

WASHINGTON From Tuesday to Thursday, the block trading platform for three consecutive days at a premium transactions involving stocks of nine, while a variety of indicators show that this small peak premium turnover since the first time this year, but the meaning behind it intriguing.

Yesterday's block trading platform still maintain the recent tepid, achieved only 22 transactions involving 19 stocks, but GF Securities is quite eye-catching: The stock price of 13.20 yuan yesterday to 300 million shares traded, sold yesterday secondary market closing price premium of 8.73 percent, becoming the only one yesterday, trading at a premium of stocks.

Despite yesterday's premium 'only child', but if the time be extended forward observation, GF Securities is not 'alone.' Block trading data show that since July 30 to August 5 between the two cities is not a premium turnover stocks, but from Tuesday onwards, premium turnover phenomenon obviously warming .8 March 6, Poly Real Estate [microblogging], Ken Chase OCT A and 11(, respectively, 9.18% and 8.23% of the premium rate, the cumulative turnover of 350 million shares, August 7, Sheng Tun mining, three general medicine, the three friends chemicals, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass and GGEC also joined the ranks, premium rates were 0.60%, 1.31%, 9.20%, 10(Finance News and 10.36% , the cumulative number of transactions reached 1,764 million from the premium rate, less than 8%, only three general medicine and Sheng Tun mining.

Attributes of the industry from the perspective of individual stocks, covering real estate, brokerage, pharmaceutical biotechnology, nonferrous metals, chemicals and electronics, with the emerging concept of pre-market stir insulation. Additionally, these stocks, from as many as eight CSI motherboard, only Guoguang Electric is a small board stocks, the GEM stocks is no trace of this and this year, several major plate movements on the contrary, highlights the funds to underestimate the value of the stocks of all ages. particularly worth mentioning is that Poly and other real estate stocks are Premium Buy of the day, Song are shares and investment real estate [microblogging] introduced additional plans, real estate refinancing 'gate' basically turned this real estate stocks, no doubt, is a major positive, with China Vanke also announced a performance Good mid-year report, the funding at this point premium to sell three real estate stocks, showing its outlook bullish attitude.

Observation also found that although the above transactions involving different stocks, but the buyer or seller seats often come with a sales department. Tuesday Poly Real Estate, OCT A and Ken Chase, the buyer are Guoxin Securities Hangzhou Stadium Road business department, the seller is Guosheng Securities Hangzhou Xiaoshan and Shaoxing Road Business Department, Wednesday Guoguang Electric, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass and three Friends of the chemical, the seller is National Securities Guangzhou Fujin Road business department, the buyer seats slightly different, but yesterday's GF Securities to buy seats is Wednesday Premium Sell ethnic Fujin Road securities business department of Guangzhou. Insiders have said that this means that the premium involved recently traded stocks on the 3rd, funding sources is relatively simple, do not rule out an institutional money by renting business department seats for positions on related stocks .

Comparative historical data found that the recent three-day 9 10 stocks traded at a premium phenomenon, this year quite rare and only on March 11 to March 15 period, there have been 14 pen premium transaction, from the number of times over the scale, but only nine stocks involved with this flat, and more than 5% of the premium rate is only one Hengyi Petrochemical, and wherein Xiangeqing, large group and some other stocks, has been proved to be late announcements holdings of major shareholders should do. Additionally, nearly three day total turnover 84 pen large transactions, transaction amount in premiums accounted for 11.9%, while the corresponding proportion of the previous year, only 2.79%. every indication that this premium turnover tide unusual related stocks outlook trend worth watching. Reporter Ailing Yu

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