Cayenne Maserati hit the rich soul-stirring love (Figure)

Published: 10:44:00 August 9,2013  Views: 500
Cayenne Maserati hit the rich soul-stirring love (Figure) Cayenne Maserati hit

17:00 the day before yesterday, there are users on the microblogging broke the news that the Civil Affairs Bureau in Chongqing Nanping door, a driving Porsche Cayenne white Formica, mercilessly chased her boyfriend Maserati tail. 'Love does not hurt the rich up ah! 'warm friends very soon,' gossip 'out of this accident losses: Maintenance fees are $ 300,000.

It is reported that driving Cayenne is a fashionably dressed woman in front of a Maserati Cayenne driver was wearing a light gray T-shirt handsome guy. Suddenly, the woman driving the Cayenne crying, shouted, while under the H-throttle, straight hit parked in front of Maserati. matter on the Internet broke, sometimes attracted onlookers. someone to guess the identity of the two since it was analyzing the reasons for their quarrel because of the incident in front of the Civil Affairs Bureau, it is gives users a lot of imagination(

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