Picking up toys female hawkers stumble over the fence 10 meters underground mall death

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Picking up toys female hawkers stumble over the fence 10 meters underground mall death An old man from Shenyang City Square a similar rectangular patio, falling into a negative one, a lot of people worried about the safety of the elderly.

City Plaza, a layer grandmother died falling

A $ 5 small toys, have the old man a life. At 8 pm, Shenyang City Square, an unfortunate fall in selling toys aunty unfinished underground negative one, killed on the spot.

According to an insider, the elderly in order to pick up a fall protection online toys over the fence after falling in the negative layer.

Place a layer of falling in elderly negative

Evening 8:40 Xu, the central square by the east a similar rectangular patio, an area of ​​hundreds of square meters, above the green fence covered with double, however, here in the west, protective net was open a hole, the hole near a blue light-emitting toys still hanging in a protective net(http://www.best-news.us/).

Some people say, here is where the elderly fall dead. Reporter into the crowd down to watch, some people lit flashlight. From the ground more than 10 meters underground on the road, the old man's remains clearly visible next to the old man's got one spread, swap Many do not unwrap the toys from the old man's face observation, about 50-60 years old.

According to the scene investigation police, the alarm is plaza security personnel, 'said security in the control room to hear 'bang' a sound down the sound to find in the past, found the old man's body(News News http://www.best-news.us/).' Reporter noted that the City Square species are similar fence covered patio, there are many facilities, are located approximately 1.3 meters around the railing, and hung with a clear 'No climbing' logo. a nearby resident, said: 'Underground is ready to open the mall, above the Originally intended for installing glass sunroof. '

She only pick up 5 yuan toys

9:00 am, a middle-aged woman said knowingly, fall death of the elderly is on the square selling toys The woman said the old man to sell a similar bamboo dragonfly toy, 'child shot with a slingshot, and then be able to fly very far, there are even small lantern. '' At the time some people may want to buy, elderly customer trials, lantern fell on the protection line, the old man to pick up. 'the woman said,' but did not think the old man would order picking back over the railing toys, go online to the guard. '

There are other old people on the square carrying Budou sub-sell the same toys, reporters go ask the original so that the elderly killed toys priced at just $ 5.

Difficult to confirm identity of the elderly fall death

Scene police, in view of the old belongings, and did not find any documents and communication tools, however, the name and information for the elderly, but no one can tell.

An old man said, worked with the elderly fall death approached, 'I know her home in Beiling Park, the other is not clear.' Until last night 10:30 Xu, the old man's body has not been removed, the police are still efforts to find the old man's identity. Bei Guo, Liao Shen Evening News reporter Lu Yang

Original title: City Plaza, a layer grandmother died falling

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