Good contraception, in order to better prepare pregnant

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Select the appropriate method of contraception, is to protect their reproductive rights

For women of childbearing age, contraception, is a long and must be, the important thing. National Statistics show that the current incidence of infertility is 10% to 15%, in 2004 a survey showed that more than 70% of infertility Patients and received abortions are directly related. lot of female friends often do people forefoot, rear foot to see infertility. contraceptive failure, damage to women and families is obvious.

Twelve-year-old abortion, infertility twenties and thirties see

'Frequent and irregular flow will cause great harm to the uterus and fallopian tubes, especially tubal blockage, which is the main cause of female infertility and common cause.' The concept of progressive liberalization, early age of sexual life, coupled with Some private hospitals publicity for the beautification painless, causing many people think that abortion does not matter several times, the result is often the twelve-year-old abortion, infertility watching their twenties and thirties(

In fact, abortion is an unintended pregnancy after salvage surgery is compelling, people especially frequent flow (frequency greater than or equal to 3 times) will generate a lot of adverse effects on women, such as endocrine disorders, caused by a variety of gynecological inflammation, leading to female infertility etc. If you pay attention after the abortion to take effective contraceptive methods, the occurrence of a high risk of repeat abortion.

It is understood that, in China, there are approximately 13 million cases of abortion, the world is as high as 40 million ~ 60 million cases, of which 65% were aged 20 to 29 years old young unmarried women, less than 25-year-old abortion women, duplication flow ratio of 34.9%, up more than 70% of patients with infertility undergone abortions are directly related.

Method of contraception is the best fit

It is understood that the common methods of contraception, including the use of condoms, IUD, oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives and implants, etc., but there is no 100% effective method of contraception. Was also calculated using the rhythm, onanism in vitro ejaculation and other contraceptive methods, these two methods of contraceptive failure rate is high, generally physicians do not recommend(Parenting News

Combined oral contraceptives is intended for women younger than 40 years old and artificial feeding postpartum women after 6 months, can also be taken immediately after abortion, need to take 21 days per month, and make sure it can take medication, but there are contraindications estrogen permit holders can not take it. emergency contraception means the occurrence of sexual intercourse without using any contraceptive methods and the use of contraceptive methods fail after a certain period of time using a temporary remedy, use the sooner, the better, if the medication after unprotected sex life, contraceptive failure rate.

'Place IUD and implants is relatively easy.' Of women to choose their children's birth had placed IUD more, but some people will appear genital injury and ectopic IUD. Norplant is The one containing progestin about 4 cm long, 2 mm diameter rod implanted under the skin female arm, effective contraception three years of professional doctors less than a minute to complete. third generation agent etonogestrel implant buried safer , are applicable to almost all women, especially for the 40 years of age need long-term contraception for women, but also to a certain extent, ease dysmenorrhea. 6 weeks postpartum new mothers are breast-feeding may also be safe to use, you need to childbirth, contraception stick out 21 days to restore the menstrual cycle. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.