Jiangsu Taizhou Unicom optimize customer service manager team greet 4G

Published: 10:53:00 August 9,2013  Views: 437

In recent years, the communications industry's most popular topic of conversation is 4G, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry has said on several occasions, 4G is the communications industry development trend, 4G license 'is expected' during the release order to meet the changing needs of the market development, Taizhou Unicom team-building efforts to strengthen customer service manager, to create a lean, efficient, high-service skills customer service manager team, ahead of the arrival of 4G services preparatory work.

Customer Service Manager team spirit merit-optimized, Ningquewulan with the principles of staff ability, attitude, performance, age level, professional structure step by step through the customer service manager at the existing assessment, merit-based selection of the way through the grading services to achieve effective customer retention, Taizhou Unicom after exploring the Customer Service Manager team set three service groups: Basic Customer Service Manager team, VIP customer service team of managers and service ambassador team, clear objectives, responsibilities distinguish, to achieve full coverage service. Customer Service Manager performance index close around customer perception, customer call response rates, customer problem resolution rates, customer service evaluation, as measured through customer service the whole process and the evaluation results and job evaluation linked to realize people post match, can go up or down and keep the team The 'hunger' to protect the team's vitality.

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