16-year-old high school students molested 12 year-old girl indicted

Published: 10:55:59 August 9,2013  Views: 46

Heart love denied, 16-year-old boy forced to implement a 12-year-old girl kissing, touching the chest. Recently, Daxing District People's Procuratorate to the crime of child molestation Xiaomou prosecution.

XiaoMou formerly Daxing Area with high school students during the school through a friend met with 12-year-old Liu, Liu Xiao Mou also followed his father to learn repair cars. Later, XiaoMou Ryu heart love, but was rejected Ryu .

June 23 this year, 15 am, XiaoMou cultural park in Daxing District, a town of Liu Moujiang OK implemented kiss, touch chest acts of mercy and crying face Ryu, Ryu is forced also XiaoMou its masturbation.

Two days after the XiaoMou public security authorities arrested and brought to justice.

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