Zhang Shaogang comeback kids learn indefinite denial and Li Yong

Published: 10:50:23 August 9,2013  Views: 500

Express News reported that the Beijing correspondent Liang Xiaowen leave the host community, home with children Zhang Shaogang excellent debut yesterday in Beijing Core Media stocks listed conferences, interviews he denied with the same schools teach Li Yong [microblogging] have discussions.

Zhang Shaogang admitted leaving the host community is now very upset, when it comes before the media are most concerned about his comeback question, Zhang Shaogang also respect how well a few years, but he also admits that kids these years, nor do walk away treasurer, 'I am a decent work, I was a teacher of Communication University of China, so I'm not a social idlers will still be busy. 'But he also denied that he would involve the financial industry and commerce,' because I am very afraid of these things, including previous has also been invited to participate in a number of commercial activities, including the activities of fashion, go after I found out I am particularly stupid. 'But he might be revealed in two years later to write a children's book, which is his greatest joy.

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