Key special series will enjoy the political benefits

Published: 10:39:00 August 9,2013  Views: 428

According to Hefei Daily reported, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, Anhui province to develop << key special provisions to enjoy preferential treatment >> Pratt & Whitney Canada, to ensure that key entitled groups and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, key entitled groups in medical treatment, their children to school, housing and other aspects will enjoy a series of preferential government.

It is learned that the province will not urban minimum living security key entitled groups participate in Medicare, the rural cooperative medical care did not participate in the five guarantees and key special destitute families, priority into Huimin medical service system. Bear Huimin clinic community health centers and community health service stations, free 'general medical expenses' individual pays part of two or more settings Huimin beds in public hospitals to implement 'six free', free registration fee, examination fee outpatient, emergency examination fee, injection Fei, general nursing, hospital examination fees, Huimin particularly difficult target for bed charges, inspection fees, give 30% reduction in treatment costs.

Qualified key special funding and compulsory pre-school children enjoy the subsidy. Key entitled groups of children from economically disadvantaged families, orphans and disabled children receiving inclusive preschool priority, priority access to pre-school funding( Key special children of orphans, who enrolled in colleges and universities enrolled adult, will be free tuition public universities, private universities public universities with reference to similar standards be remitted.

Veterans disability injuries place to buy or rent affordable housing, its subsequent management buy or rent, according to affordable housing to buy or rent after the administration of the regulations. Decentralized support of one to four disability retired junior commissioned officers and conscripts share (construction) house financial security standards, in accordance with the resettlement County (cities, districts) of affordable housing average price (no affordable housing in accordance with ordinary commercial housing average price) and 60 square meters of construction area to determine. (Ye Xianghua new red)

(Original title: key special series will enjoy the political benefits

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