"Gatsby" released on the 30th, "The Smurfs 2" September struck

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Not the end of the summer profile, the introduction of large tracts have begun to seize September. Yesterday, reporters learned << >> The Great Gatsby profiles for August 30, 3D animated film The Smurfs 2 >> scheduled for September 12 introduction, and the film belong to Sony's sci-fi film Space >> << Bliss will also be released in September. Moreover, westerns << maverick >> tentatively scheduled September 20 visit the mainland, DreamWorks Animation << Fast Snail Jobs Biography >> and << >> also expected September release.

Gatsby released late << >> << >> The Great Gatsby same name adapted from the American literary classics by << >> Moulin Rouge director Baz Lu Heman directed DiCaprio, Kerry Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and other stars of the film to show Monopoly Gatsby's personal emotional experience.

This masterpiece has repeatedly been adapted into a TV drama, but Lu Heman uses 3D technology to deliver the story, into the Moulin Rouge >> << like gorgeous visuals since May 10 landing North American theaters since the film The current global total box office reached $ 330 million as this year's Cannes Film Festival opening film, the film has been much domestic fans look forward to, and now finally the profile August 30 release introduced in 3D(http://www.best-news.us/).

2 >> << Smurfs 3D animation with Chinese elements 2 >> << Smurfs determined on September 12 visit the mainland, according to the film side Sony Colombia revealed Smurfs 2 >> << great emphasis on the Chinese market, the film will There are obvious Chinese elements appear.

2011 << >> Smurfs gains in the mainland after the release of $ 250 million in box office and triggered a wave of nostalgia. Upcoming film front for the same, still using a combination of live action and animation, tells the story Smurf family rescue blue princess witch kidnapped sister story.

In addition, the same issue produced by Sony Columbia sci-fi film Space >> << Bliss will also be released in September. Yesterday, news that film is scheduled for release on September 10, but according to the film side related personnel, said, << Bliss Space> > The release date has not been finalized. Beijing Times reporter Lv Li Hung Nie wide crown

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