Mainland new director after 85 finalists for the Venice Film Festival

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The upcoming August 28 opening of the 70th Venice International Film Festival has been released a single piece of each unit, mainland director Wang Xiaowei creative movie << >> backwater Film Festival finalists second largest unit - 'Horizon' unit, became the Venice Film Festival the only one formal unit mainland movies.

Directed by Wang Xiaowei >> << backwater born in 1985, graduated from the Art Institute of Yunnan Normal University. Loves movies, he later graduated to Beijing, have been looking for the opportunity to make a movie. << >> Backwater is his second short films shot , has been committed to exploring new director of days painting days for the film produced agency. << >> about a stagnant hot summer afternoon, because of traffic jams, a taxi driver came to the river in here, he met a painter painting is the river, through contact with the driver gradually discovered a secret painter, next to the river like what has been hidden( films with film language in everyday scenes to create a mysterious atmosphere, aimed at explore the quiet life in all sorts of hidden undercurrent and national flood most of the 'micro-film' compared to more cinematic and artistic.

Film finalists of the 'horizon' is the Venice Film Festival is one of the two official competition unit, focus on encouraging experimentation and innovation movies to capture the trend of the future international film and trends, the unit mixing length and short films, documentaries and feature films. Venice Film preganglionic chairman Mark [microblogging] Muller has described the 'Horizon unit is an exciting creative units, one in the completely renovated, features the enhanced 'laboratory'.' in Chinese director Jia Zhangke [micro Bo], Wang Bing, Li [microblogging], Liu Jie, Guan Hu, Xuhao Feng, LI Rui-jun, and so have nominated 'Horizon' unit.

'Horizon' unit called a mainland director of the blessed, from the 62 th Venice Film Festival (2005) onwards, for many years a mainland film finalists of the unit.

The Venice Chinese elements

The Venice Film Festival Chinese Film decline, in addition Competition Tsai Ming-liang >> << outings and horizon unit director Wang Xiaowei >> << stagnant water, the only screening of the documentary unit director Wang Bing mad love << >> But Chinese director Jiang Wen as the main competition jury may be most concerned about the Chinese news media point, in addition, seventy birthday coincides with the Venice Film Festival, organizers planned to commemorate the gallery < > Invited 70 world-class films to participate, Jia Zhangke among them, while last year's main competition jury of any director Peter Chan will visit Watertown, attend the Beijing Film Festival held at the Venice Film Festival promotional activities. (Soso)

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