Commerce Department Deputy Director Luo Shuangfeng rise to Chen, accompanied by Redstar study the investment environment

Published: 11:00:07 August 9,2013  Views: 1027

August 5, Redstar Home Group department Mao Deming, president of his 6 Luoshuang Feng, deputy director of the Department of Commerce and the processing trade Department official, accompanied by the company in Hunan and other investment planning and project site matters to Chen investigated.

Deming Li Jianjun, deputy secretary general of his party in the municipal government, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, accompanied Mao Yuxiang, field view of Chenzhou Ray Bridge, Shonan International Logistics Park Jun Xin Logistics (Hunan Agricultural centralized clearance field for Hong Kong and Macao, the convention center, the concept of the cave , Suxian District East New District and other plots.

Subsequently, the Vice Mayor Zhang Xihui hosted Meikailong to Chen investigated the forum. Municipal Land Bureau, the Municipal Planning Bureau, North Dongting Lake, Suxian District government responsible for the plots of land, planning and surrounding circumstances in detail introduction. Deming president gave a briefing on the situation and development of the Group's development plan, namely: in seven years building 100 department stores Mao, built in 2020, 300 home-mao, for full coverage of the national-level cities, and plans within five years Hunan, Mao built 10 department store, he asked for the construction department Mao 150-300 acres of land area, there are two main roads next best shape is rectangular plots( Deming said the company will develop a cooperation agreement as soon as possible the same time, The company also hopes to find in North Dongting Lake urban fringe land for the construction of a home-mao.

Commerce Department Deputy Director Luo Shuangfeng merchants brief introduction to the development of Chenzhou, noting that currently in Chenzhou golden period of development, the province gave 34 Chenzhou pilot, demonstration areas and a series of preferential policies, Hongxing America Chiron timed at this time stationed in Chenzhou, Hunan, the company can not only accelerate the pace of development, but also can enhance the pace of development in Chenzhou.

Vice Mayor Zhang Xihui think Meikailong to Chen investigated First, to further allow the company to understand the advantages of the development of Chenzhou, two preliminary clear layout in Chen's intention is to highlight the company's three highly efficient work style.

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