Zhang Shaogang comeback plans to exit the host community does not write parenting books

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Improper announced presenters to lead 'phase Wife godson' Life's Zhang Shaogang, August 8 Core Media sunrise stock listing now excellent news conference. Facing the media and belong to you >> << partner Zhang Shaogang speech still 'true nature.' he said very hates to be labeled poison tongue label, kids feel good subway, N years will not return to the host community, 'My reason for leaving is not complicated, to say there is a conspiracy that plan out the parenting books. '

I frankly was not poisonous tongue

Excellent Media founder Yu Wen Hao Rui have participated << >> recordings belong to you yesterday, he invited Zhang Shaogang, even Yi name, Koji Yano [microblogging], etc., for the company's stock listing to help out Albert. Zhang Shaogang a stage then joked, 'Not A-share listed ah? I thought it was a big deal then.' Zhang humorous one, a reporter asked: 'You This tongued, not sparing even friends?' Zhang Shaogang replied: ' I expressed my real thoughts, some want to hear, some people do not want to hear(http://www.best-news.us/). would joke between me and my friends also serious expression, that is just a joke and I am disgusted with being labeled, some people have been on the media crown In inspirational brother, Emperor poison tongue, it was all an illusion, I told my mother, my son speak, they do not call me poison tongue bar, so this is matter of perspective, we do not give the label. Slowly you will accept my auspices way up. '

I am also very sharp when childcare

Zhang Shaogang leaving >> << belong to you, was friends suspected verbal conflict with individual players have a relationship. Yesterday, he made it clear: 'I just simply want to go home with the kids, get down in the Communication University of China to teach a few In the book, which I really do not hide behind the plot, and no bad thing to see people I when the host, when my colleagues know that I am all Saturday and Sunday are not recording, I have to stay home with his son to play.

Now he is on summer vacation, I have to take him everywhere around, father and son take the subway very happy. '

In the education of his son, Zhang Shaogang admitted that his words will be very sharp and found the problem to say so, no mercy to his son face(Entertainment News http://www.best-news.us/). 'I would never say you awesome, way to go with this boast he coaxed , but will tell him how not stick, how to correct. 'Zhang Shaogang not insist that parents encourage education type.

Good teachers quit preside

When a reporter Zhang Shaogang concern when back chair, he was somewhat surprised, 'how it goes after a few years now. Etc. Children age do not need me to take, I will consider this matter.'

Zhang Shaogang said, taught at the University in the media is decent work, busy person. Although the same for the media university teacher, but frankly and Li Yong Zhang Shaogang [microblogging] intersection much, 'I and he is not a department, faceless surface is also No childcare and discussions. 'Zhang Shaogang said with a smile, if the media that his departure' must conspiracy ', and that this conspiracy is that the future will be how to bring out a good kid's book.

Frequently attend on whether commercial activities, Zhang Shaogang, said: 'I will attend, but only a circle of friends and I think this place is the gallop subway station, because I am an ordinary person.'

Beijing Times [microblogging] reporter Wang Zheng

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