No clean up garbage downstairs send a letter to someone to do micro-

Published: 11:09:51 August 9,2013  Views: 569

□ East this reporter Liu Changzheng correspondent Chen Peipei

'We're Building 16 downstairs did not clean up the garbage three days, taste great, supposed ah?' 'Which road Xuchang hotel recently promotions ah?' Recently, Zhengzhou City neighborhoods Center Road Subdistrict Office area many young people like one called 'a quarter of an hour community service circles' micro signal, which is the street to and close ties with the masses and the establishment of micro-channel public service platform.

The micro-channel platform every two days to focus its residents send an illustrated magazine, covering community service information, work guidelines, living style, etc., so that residents know the community work, access to a variety of convenient residential area offers. While residents to consult, reflect what matters complained, move a finger, send a micro-channel can be processed.

'Now young people like to play with micro-channel, with this platform, they can be used in future micro-channel and we contacted(' Grid Center Road Subdistrict Office Office staff Sun Ray for example, 'For example, garbage downstairs with taste, residents just need to find time to work on the road winding micro-channel, we can after receiving treatment without delay their time. 'to share a key [Web Editor: Li Pengxun] [Print] [Top] [Close]

(Original title: No clean up garbage downstairs send a letter to someone to do micro-

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