Wenjun delicacy elegant Toil

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Li Bai's poem: 'ancient sages are lonely, only the great drinkers of its name.' Faded glory, Ma gathered drink and a laugh, a glass of wine is the name of passenger Ascot joy to share with elegant rooms, drink drink between the wisdom of the ancients With talented and strong Italian wine rushes. both discretionary wine, when the test chopsticks delicacy, ancient and modern probabilistic.

Wenjun wine, wine from the Western Han Dynasty Stanford overflow into downtown today to mighty two thousand years of long history and modern respect China's bearing, a celebrity social and leisure discretionary drink of choice. Holding a cup of sweet elegant, contains numerous Wenjun fragrant wine, elegant encounter all kinds of different styles of cuisine delicacy, it is exposure to the bright color flavor America palace, wandering around in the crystal clear calm moments.

Art class quality Wenjun Liquor take over the north and south of Chinese dishes

Enjoy share

Zun Chinese consumption, is an elegant lifestyle(http://www.best-news.us/). Called masterpieces seats dishes, relies, and should have a bottle of wine, blindly delicacy. With top quality and unique taste of the perfect fusion of Wenjun wine, with excellent ingredients, such as white asparagus cold soup fried scallop, called a must. rare fresh white asparagus, and fried sweet strap Huang, Wenjun and brewing wine, like wine through the years, set seasonal, Hindi, material advantage in one, the same rare , in the summer, but also to break through the traditional western cold soup that presented in the form, and one like a delicious expected, and rather try to describe in Italy, fresh and delicate and pleasant taste, Wenjun reflect a fresh and sweet wine, liquor is memorable, as Wenjun wine, with its unique style of wine to open a high-end liquor brand new chapter in the taste buds by Master Bartender Miss Wu Xiaoping effort to build, share and enjoy a well-deserved.

Elegant moments

Living in the city reinforced concrete forest, busy Fun Da spare time, leisure time alone, it is particularly valuable, how to enjoy the good times so elegant, top Jane stuffed with top cuisine perfect match, is essential.

Elegant String rhythm sound, fine cup of fragrant discretion Wenjun Liquor, Jordan with black truffle salt mix tomatoes, easy and comfortable life style instantly filled the air. Truffle, as the top ingredients Black Diamond King, with pure natural The original species of tomato and salt, three kinds of fresh ingredients without any processing easily stir, taste sweet and slightly salty, fusion Wenjun wine contains rich layers floral aroma, Gastropub intersection, mellow fragrance, taste superb.

To still exchange

China as ceremonies, provided modern celebrity social occasions, all style atmosphere of elegance, design imaginative, high-quality liquor and to still delicacy, feast atmosphere is rendered distinguished essential ritual of the wind(News News http://www.best-news.us/). Thick Yu Tian Xian glycol wine, and delicious quality alcohol Cucumber, are Chinese food wine gallery guests, the two meet, accompanied by gold smoothness sweet porridge, the slightest sweet, fragrant overflowing congregation, so that guests chopsticks in lift Huan enjoy, Gongchoujiaocuo, he felt a pleasant comfortable, one express-minded, described as 'wine brew youth, feast extremely gorgeous.'

International Creative catering guru Mr. Liang Zigeng praised: 'The Wenjun Liquor not only adhere to its relentless pursuit of perfect quality, but also carries a life philosophy of modern elegance and unique wine drinking culture that can take over the north and south of the Chinese cuisine demeanor, rare. 'top white wine and gourmet delicacies like heaven to make, mutual fusion gain sublimate the beauty of art at the same time to create the taste buds, but also conveys respect China Wenjun wine for enjoyment, yet elegant time and to communicate the ultimate presentation, highlighting they respected modern elegant philosophy of life. (from LONDON

(Original title: Wenjun delicacy elegant Toil

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