Guikulanghao fantasy ten million men inside the police arrived unsuccessful

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Wenzhou Network August 8 hearing (trainee reporter correspondent Pan Chung Mao Yi poly) Many people have thought of himself Yangtze in the lottery, but I kept thinking, laughing and crying it is certainly rare few days ago, the police station on Yongxing Ironically, to see such a scene.

August 6, who lives in Yongxing Street, King Street next Sanyang aunt really frightened, her voice trembling Yongxing police station to police, 'said neighbor upstairs ghosts, come!'

It turned out that more than 5 pm the same day, Wang aunt was at home preparing dinner when I heard a rented room upstairs next door came the waves cries when sad when happy, sometimes no. At that time it was still light, Wang aunt do not care.

To 20:00 or so, Tian An. Family has not come home, that voice has been intermittent, while sad, while excited it makes Wang aunt not calm, 'next door to the fourth floor tenant Long time no see, how have such voice, it will not be haunted! 'one thought here, Wang aunt hairs bristling police immediately(

When the police appeared, one after another around the neighbors over, the king had heard the sound of more than one person aunt, everyone you made me a language, getting more and show off. Was said to have called for a day, someone will hear at night and often Some say that laughter, also said to be crying.

Subsequently, we elected the greatest courage uncle surnamed Chen lead the way for the police. Arrived on the third floor, the sad and miserable voice drifted down the dimly lit corridor down, Chen uncle shouted: 'It's the fourth floor of the room, down before me. '

At that time, the police could not help but heart hair a bit, down the sound to determine the room, knock on the door, inside the ghost cries came to an end. After a long time, a dark-skinned man opened the door and saw the police, he appears to be very wonder.

Upon inquiry, the truth to police dumbfounding. Originally, Guikulanghao sound is emitted to the front of this man's(2010 World Cup Sports News Lee, 31 years old, alone in Wenzhou to work, usually no extracurricular activities, the only hobby is to buy lottery tickets.

Police: Why has been called?

Lee side waving his hand in the lottery and saying: 'I am bored doing nothing, then think they can win the lottery, called up.'

Police saw a: 'how many can, called for three hours!'

Lee: 'ten million!'

Police: 'This color highest five million.'

Lee: 'I did not see that I bought two Stake!'

Police: 'Why, cry, laugh a while, know that scared the neighbors!'

Lee: 'I suddenly have so much money, I am excited and started to cry, but you can have so much money, I am very pleased, can not control!'

Police, '· ·'

Finally, the police were criticized for Lee, Lee also recognized his mistake and promised not to issue a strange sound.

That night, the police put the number of the current Lee to buy lottery numbers to do a comparison and found that Lee buy numbers, no money even five in ........ Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.