After the beginning of autumn fruits and vegetables eaten cooked food made your selection

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After the beginning of autumn diet regimen, raw fruits and vegetables to eat well cooked choice Ching attention shortly after the beginning of autumn for many fruits and vegetables, but the Tianjin Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital of nutrition doctors Zhangqiu Lian reminder, but also a lot of fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw cooked food, a different way of eating its nutritional value is not the same. should be eaten raw or cooked food? look to their own needs it.

New lotus lotus can clearing away heat, moistening thirst, soothe the nerves, autumn veritable healthy dishes.

Raw food: raw lotus root partial cold, heat lungs, cooling lines silt role Shangyin to treat thirst, irritability and other symptoms obscure, and is also very effective in relieving acne.

Cooked: Cooked lotus after their sexual variable temperature, can spleen appetizer. Moreover, people often eat lotus root with the brain, can also play a beneficial blood marrow, brain nerves role women can eat lotus transfer of blood, blood, let ruddy(

Edible Tip: There are angry people who wish to eat cold symptoms lotus root, stomach Deficiency eat steamed lotus or lotus root soup is a good choice.

Lili that tastes sweet and sour fruit, ideal for autumn.

Raw Food: Chinese medicine, raw pears with heat fire, moistening phlegm, laxative effect on the fall prone throat, itchy throat, sore throat, hoarseness, and relieve constipation and other symptoms have effect . born Chili's words, but also better intake of folic acid and vitamin C.

Cooked: the pear steamed or cooked, can play Yin lungs, cough expectorant effect, so although not heat will destroy some of the vitamins, but soluble vitamins and minerals still well preserved.

Edible Tip: physical side are suitable for students Chili, bad stomach, chills are suitable for cooked food.

White radish radish is rich in vitamins and minerals, can improve immunity, which is the main reason for summer at the turn recommend it( News

Raw food: white radish in spicy ingredients can promote the secretion of gastric juice, adjust gastrointestinal function, there is a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is also rich in vitamin C-its content is higher than pears and apples 8-10 times, can be eaten raw Get a large extent this vitamin.

Cooked: white radish cooked a somewhat spleen and stomach, and in particular pork, mutton stew to eat, better qi shun gas.

Edible Tip: poor appetite, cough, sputum, hoarseness people can be eaten raw turnip, spleen diarrhea people can eat cooked.

Apple 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.' Apple is rich in vitamins, organic acids, pectin and flavonoids, when the seasons change eating it can prevent colds, lowering blood pressure and so on.

Raw Food: Apples with fluid, lungs, spleen, stomach, nourishing the heart and other effects. Raw apples, there is a very good laxative lipid-lowering effect.

Cooked food: cooked apples, in addition to loss of some vitamins, Apple may retain the majority of nutrients. Uncooked pectin will play the role of adsorption, which play antidiarrheal effect.

Edible Tip: most people can be eaten raw apple, gastrointestinal function is weak, frequent diarrhea are suitable for steamed eat it.

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