Guangdong poultry chicks big fast turnaround price is still lower than the cost line

Published: 11:02:00 August 9,2013  Views: 162

Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Correspondent Xiao Zhong today from the Provincial Agriculture Office was informed, since mid-June, H7N9 avian influenza gradually dissipated, poultry markets gradually recover, poultry products, price oscillation rise since late July into the normal area, poultry industry to profitability. currently fast large yellow chicken, Chicken farmgate price of about 11.6-12 yuan / kg, high-quality yellow chicken about 16 yuan / kg, Muscovy about 15 yuan / kg, 500 g weight of about 9 yuan Pigeon / only, eggs about 10.4 yuan / kg, higher than the cost line, slight profit.

However, due around April-May this year, purchasing and storage of frozen poultry majority did not put on the market, and sales are still slightly less than the current market to when farm households cautious Bulan, Qinmiao oversupply, lower prices, large current fast chicks only 0.3 yuan / only, far below the cost line.

Guangdong will enter the next phase of meat consumption in winter season, poultry end-market demand will further increase, but due to the April-May purchasing and storage of frozen poultry stocks remained at a high position, to be the consumer market for some time, is expected in the second half of the poultry market cost shocks wandering online, if not focus on the emergence of human infection with H7N9 avian influenza, poultry industry in general will be stable development( Provincial Agriculture Department will further implement policies to support the poultry industry, to strengthen prevention and control of avian influenza H7N9 in poultry, together with relevant departments regulate live poultry market, actively work for poultry farming policy insurance pilot work, strengthening production guidance services and positive publicity guide, healthy and stable development of the poultry industry urged to protect agriculture and rural economy running smoothly.

(Original title: Guangdong poultry chicks big fast turnaround price is still lower than the cost line

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