JIANMENGUAN guest go Quiet Night tough to know one person, one off

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Walked Jianmen town

All yellow red edge of the banner proclaimed, great, full of the whole street, a string of red lanterns, high and low, patchwork, housing, regardless of level two, or three-four, full of black tiles and white walls, gray in reddish wooden doors, wooden windows, wooden pillars, wooden railings ...... Here, even the streets and squares are blue brick paved, full name is the ancient call: Jianmen tofu shop called shops, hotel called the inn, hotel restaurant ..... the whole town called antique, uniform. walking the meantime, you did not feel still living in the 21st century, as if through that deep dark tunnel, suddenly successful crossing, back that populations everywhere, tentatively in significant sacrifice the long corner of the Three Kingdoms era of peace.

The whole town, no fancy decor, no flashing neon signs, no skyscrapers, no busy, and no hustle and bustle, it is as quiet and harmonious(http://www.best-news.us/). If you have to add a little color to her, it is only every now and then a yellow and red facial , a symbol of a kind of history, a passion, a spirit, but also a forward moving force.

JIANMENGUAN guest go Quiet Night tough to know one person, one off Jianmenguan

One person - Jiang Wei

Less than JIANMENGUAN, I think I may never go Jing Xiaxin product can not read that section is filled with smoke and blood of history(Travel News http://www.best-news.us/).

Tour guide told us to JIANMENGUAN mainly look 'one person, one off, a plank.' Suggest we start to understand this person.

He is none other than the hero JIANMENGUAN - Ping Xiang Hou Jiang Wei.

Jiang Wei, Wei This is when the three generals, with the horse when compliance inspection purposes Qishan, Zhuge Liang suddenly troops Qishan So, Ma Jiang Wei compliance is suspected collaborators in the back, the closed gates, let Jiang Wei city. Helpless in Liang Jiang Wei had defected. both each other quite well, it is compatibility. Jiang Wei Shujun will follow from this. stationed JIANMENGUAN when Zhuge Liang Wu Zhang had died, the emperor surrendered, he rather die than surrender, do not leave abandoned, long held until killed. was buried here. descendants but also for his heroic loyalty touched, especially the construction of shrine, and the tomb into an armchair general Aoyama as being not only for people to pay their last respects recall, Also hope he rest in peace peace of mind.

We first visited the Ping Xiang Hou Temple, which bronze reliefs depicting vivid, speak to us of a complaint about Jiang Wei moving story and then we met the cast and Castle surrounded Jiang Wei is Metella I'm With great reverence, to the hero respectful bowed three times, then move on.

JIANMENGUAN guest go Quiet Night tough to know one person, one off Quiet Night

A plank - Jianmenshudao

Cement along the winding paved road, about half an hour before the trip, we saw the plank if said Jiang Wei visited the tomb is the sad reminder of that day the public are also positive with this, because then He raining, as we were wet heart at a time, the rain has almost stopped and the clouds gradually to hit us, blocking our view, blurred our eyes. around a hazy, gave We are far and near the scene of endless imagination.

I walked on, the rain stopped on the whole. Looked up, the clouds are dissipating, faintly visible in the misty fog particles are blown like traces. Opposite seems to be the cliff, hidden when you do not pay attention to it in this, it is no sign of a sudden diffuse out, but you are ready to look at it carefully, it also playful hiding themselves in such a wonderland, we put themselves Mangmangyunhai fog Tao among the zigzag path along the cliff detour in forget. feet like an abyss, is because they can not clearly see the bottom, all the more profound high risk, people could not help but slowed down, fearing accidentally, do not know where will fall go, and rely on mountain cliff, right close to the right, towering clouds, towering depression, out of hand, you can touch the rock where the rocks, is the kind of conglomerate. said that this conglomerate, I was the first I first met, it is a stone bar, indeed, extremely hard, but it is entirely by a cob sand, a combination of small stone blocks, potholes, uneven, like bread, like Ma Yuan, more like modern architecture used in concrete. Which capsules of sand, would like to pull the next one, let me be resorted to feeding effort, it can not move on it, but not try to get it down the. Looking at these rocks, I could not help but think, perhaps, in the distant era, here was originally a river, a beach, a Wang lakes, perhaps even an ocean. - Nature is really great and wonderful!

Plank was rebuilt after the 2008 earthquake, but it completely mimics the shape and structure of the ancient plank road. A block of wood plank wooden soft glowing shining in the clouds cover the intermittent, and our journey will In such a plank of drift in the cliffs, in the misty, we are smiling down on when I look back in awe by origin, because we walked along the cliff, all hung in the fog, mountains are blurred in the clouds, I saw the words in the air with one another one, written over and over again. Trance, we are walking in a down to earth from the Temple of Qiong Yao's road.

Clouds carried by the wind, and finally faintly visible across the mountains .. And we're walking in the mountain nearby, but out of reach, but quietly spend. Affectionate like a pair of lovers. Much, that bare hill strong bones and muscles, unique rock shining glory, only the top foot tree is exceptionally lush, dense lush. trough it also showed the generous charming posture, deep and narrow. a few meters wide river, water gone, only to hear the sound of rushing water, such as playing and singing an ancient and distant love songs. large and small stones, scattered at the bottom of Hejian, such as dolphin jewel in the curl rising fog looming, but also to see The faint glow to that moss glaucoma and passionate graceful vines winding of the state.

We walked up the mountain path along the cliff, looking back down the hill just opposite their own, walked the streets, the heart inexplicable Mengtiao a few times, so steep, so dangerous, I realize I do not fully feel, suddenly say 'hurried On the road, akin to finding dangerous muddy feel. 'Meanwhile, a sense of pride rises, the original, something they would be conquered and overcome some of the stuff.

JIANMENGUAN guest go Quiet Night tough to know one person, one off Sunset jianmenguan

An off - jianmenguan

On the mountain, through the cliffs on the palm of winding paths, isolated peaks towering stalagmites, and it is the same strain, and even the birds are impassable cliffs, constitute the legendary Sky - people can sideways through the channel. The ancients built cents passing cloud inn, clean and elegant, it seems immediately there will be a small towel draped over the shoulders of two ran out and ask you 'Keguan point what?' In fine water gurgling, rock waterfalls, a mountains in a ten-meter-wide gap, in front of us, I think, precisely because of this river, we have made this juncture it. those standing in the cliff above the two-story loft, the throat is ancient military fortress - jiange that the relationship JIANMENGUAN building.

I do not want to say it's majestic domineering, but do not want to say it's vicissitudes, I just flags fluttering in the heart to feel for a moment, then, in that war-torn era, the 'Quiet, extremely difficult,' the only exporter, experienced frost, snow and rain, bloody in the 'man guards the pass Wan Fu Mo open' here, alone, one off, heroic loyalty Jiang Wei generals, the experience was bloody, with vows and life guard over this land that year, Liu Bei has died, Zhuge Liang died, Shu sacrifice the long corner, precarious, fragile, bell will be a massive attack Jianmen 130,000 troops in an attempt to Chengdu, and then to Shu, but less than Jiugong including ginger dimensions, including the Fab Five will to thirty thousand troops guard here, war prevails, arduous, bell will be under Deng Ai, persuasion fail, secretly led 30,000 people from their Jiangyou Raozhi Chengdu, lowering LIU Chan, and then from behind outflanking attack Jiang Wei, Jiang Weining refuses to drop, the last battle and died, generation hero so wiped out, gone with the wind.

JIANMENGUAN guest go Quiet Night tough to know one person, one off Vista

Standing off upstairs, ear and sound ooh ooh, surrounded by cliffs, downstairs banner every now and then, I felt the roaring sound of drums, horses gallop sound, soldier cries while one kind of frustration country perishes , unfailing constancy and defending the country's ambitions, once again let me sad and excited. their swords and guns are also surf in the arrows, the armored cavalry, the tiger, the whole body is filled with endless pride and strength.

Today, we feel Jianmenguan, is more of a moving, one kind of heroic, one kind of reverence, a permanent remembrance. Wonder at the Customs House on the cliffs, the years the firm has become a solid rock weathering determination of the human face, eyes determined, shiny, mighty extraordinary People say that Jiang Wei, turned into a mountain where the dead have always guarded here.

All the time have long since dried, dead gone, Ebb Tide, number of heroes, disappeared in the course of history, or praise, or demoted, leaving future generations to tell. Available there are always some people, enduring, had been times Bearing in mind, always remember, have become a kind of spirit, a belief - Jiang Wei is one of these people.

Earth silent, silent mountains, just like that one and one, mountain water, seemed to quietly tell!

Rocks as evidence, mountains and rivers as a warning, years of vicissitudes, are here quietly flowing mountain breeze gently blowing, fine water flowing slowly, and what great achievements, what merits and demerits, have been the wind, while left to future generations moved and thinking, it may soon be forgotten and only these mountains, silent.

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