Why do people have phobias

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Phobia is a common mental illness, and more will cause people's psychological shadow, then why are there people fear it? Actually, resulting phobia for many reasons. Here I will introduce why people have a phobia?

Cause a phobia, psychological factors

Often the onset of mental factors play a more important role. Example: Someone met with an accident on the ride fear, anxiety may appear on the background of a situation happens, or on a scenario of acute anxiety while the occurrence of fear and terror become fixed object.

Two reasons phobias, family factors

Parents limit their children access social environment trigger SP (social phobia). Suggested that phobias and personality disorders, Maycr-Gross put neurotic personality as a reaction.

Phobia occurs in avoidant personality disorder who this personality disorder manifested as lack of confidence, sensitive expert on human pathological phobia psychotherapy effectiveness analysis, suggesting that the majority of these patients have withdrawn, introverted, self-esteem, shyness personality characteristics(http://www.best-news.us/).

Three reasons phobias, conditioned reflex theory

In accordance with the behaviorist view that fears the emergence of adverse conditions due to the formation of the reflection or the result of learning is called, that is, from the acquisition of childhood fears had disappeared experience come to learn. Certain objects or situations and make people fear the emergence of a number of joint irritation form a conditioned reflex, these objects or situations become an object of fear, because this patient evasive measures, leaving this fear, anxiety can be strengthened.

Four reasons phobias, Psychoanalytic Theory - psychosexual conflicts

That the disease originated in the children's psychological conflicts caused by displacing the defense mechanisms that will somehow irrelevant objects or situations, symbolically replaced the psychological conflicts caused by man, thus avoiding the psychological conflict and separation anxiety.

Sigmend Freud believes phobia as an anxiety of danger comes from the self-reaction level differences caused by the initial attribution.

Phobia also known as anxiety hysteria is due to early childhood emotional conflicts caused by Oedipus. To the adult stage, the sex drive continues to show strong Oedipus or Electra colors, which provoked a castrated fear and anxiety.

In summary, the above content is about why people have phobias? Allows people to better understand phobias, and people have a phobia once found, to timely treatment, or will affect people's daily lives( News http://www.best-news.us/).

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