Auto Warranty Information can search the Internet in late September

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According to the Xinhua News Agency on the 8th AQSIQ informed that car three packs will be implemented on October 1, the formal implementation of all the preparatory work by the end of September before the full readiness, of which domestic automobile production enterprises should be made public according to the provisions of the cars three packet information, will be introduced in Auto Warranty information disclosure platform publicly available query.

AQSIQ Director Wu Xiaobo quality of our products on the same day at a news briefing, said earlier this year released << Home Car Repair, replacement, return the liability >> since AQSIQ promulgated < <Home Automotive Products Warranty information technology consulting and dispute handling personnel management approach >>, << officially released a national standard family car product range and types of major parts Warranty Warranty certificate >> (GB/T29632-2013, clear engine , transmissions, steering systems, assemblies and systems for major parts, consumable parts, special parts of the species range and the family car warranty certificate requirements. Meanwhile, household automotive products << serious security failure of performance is being judged Guide >> comments, will define the Auto Warranty provisions due to product quality problems led to a serious security failure to provide technical guidelines.

The next step will be for the establishment of specialized technical committees Auto Warranty, Auto Warranty controversy on the major common technical problems or difficult to study them, to provide technical guidance for the dispute.

Wu Xiaobo disclosure, China Auto Warranty Network officially put into use in mid-August( Domestic automobile production enterprises filing Auto Warranty relevant information, beginning in late September, according to information related to filing and disclosure requirement should be publicly Auto Warranty information Auto Warranty information will appear in publicly available on an open platform and provides query.

(Original title: Auto Warranty Information can search the Internet in late September

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