State Council inspection implement the "pledge" case

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 8 - After two of the country in March this year, Premier Li Keqiang met with Chinese and foreign reporters solemnly pointed out: the current government term, the government of excessive government spending are not allowed to create, financial dependents only decreasing , at public expense reception abroad at public expense (Habitat, the car only decreasing public funds, which is the new government to the community and the people made a solemn commitment, but also the new collective leadership of the State Council, the construction of a clean government efforts to promote specific initiatives for more than .5 months, various localities and departments attach great importance to and actively take targeted measures to seriously implement the 'pledge', and achieved initial results.

Strict control of government building construction

From late March, around the rigid constraints have been put forward measures to stop approving new construction, expansion, renovation, purchase of office space and a training center for the new government formed after the government approved the construction of government building projects resolutely stopped, prior to the establishment of the new term of government projects approved but there is a problem demanding rectification .5 mid-May, the State Council to build governmental organizations to carry out the clean-up examination halls and buildings .7 case the State Council issued a special bulletin in early, For some localities and individual departments in clearing inspection found violations, ordered severely punished, rectification Currently, the new government has taken the problem of excessive government spending under control( Recently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued a circular, Further to this explicitly required by regulations and government organs at all levels within five years will not be allowed in any form the new government building and grounds.

Strict control of financial dependents

Many places to explore and innovation organizations in the preparation of active management, through the purchase of services and social employment, etc., to reduce demand pressures administrative establishment, the establishment of institutions prepare and implement a personnel database, and promote real-name system management, to grasp the dynamic information in some places the use of '12310 'institutional establishment hotline, and timely prosecuting illegal setting institutions to increase financial support persons. ongoing institutional reform departments, but also in accordance with the gross body does not break the original total establishment, the financial burden principle, through the preparation of the internal potential to solve the problem from the the overall situation, the vast majority of local administrative bodies did not break central preparation prescribed limits, institutions through classification reform and clean-up standards, establishments have also been strictly controlled.

Strict control over 'Three' funds

For months, various localities and departments to implement going abroad (border linkage audit tasks and funding mechanisms, strict public expense hospitality management, the implementation of official card clearing and fixed reception, control and compression funding in some places to establish a government reception of electronic information management system to ensure that the official reception the whole record, the whole to be investigated and some local governments, public funds management approach the car, on the car range, with a standard, approved the preparation, updating and put forward specific requirements for approval of the State Council departments strictly abroad at public expense (environmental management, from Yan audit missions trip, adjust the compression countries visited and days, co-ordinate arrangements for foreign affairs activities, control sessions, improve capital efficiency. Relevant departments of the central state organs carry out the preparation of official vehicles and funding bidirectional control, those who do not always overstaffed with car arrangements for funding the same time, various localities and departments to increase the 'Three' funds information disclosure efforts to expand the scope, detailed content, strengthen supervision in the first half, the majority of local governments through the portals, newspapers and other news media, open the 'Three' budget this year in April, the central 91 departments open 'Three' budget, three months earlier than usual in the various regions, the joint efforts of various departments, this year's budget for the central and local levels have declined year on year.

(Original title: State Council inspection implement the 'pledge' case

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