Xiangxiang police response "sack and dragged off track."

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According to Xinhua News Agency, Changsha, August 8 - 8 morning, the spread of Hunan Xiangxiang for network traffic, 'sack and dragged off track' rumors, Xiangxiang public security microblogging released in its legal findings, saying the police notify the funeral company with environmental corpse bags for preparation of the dead line the normal law enforcement. deceased cousin XiaoMou (net Mr. Ming Xiaomin and three not present case, released microblogging spread false rumors, resulting in adverse social impact, the police will be held accountable according to the law.

August 6, ruthless v @ microblogging account posted a gain 16,874 times drawings microblogging forwarded 6832 times Comments The microblogging posts and said, the evening of August 3, Xiangxiang Flower Town, a private car hit a 15-year-old child, the owner collusion traffic police, the injured child into sacks desire to destroy the scene, nearby villagers and injured family members were discovered stopped. injured due to the traffic police will be equipped with sacks directly from the car dropped, causing onlookers angry villagers hit traffic police, the Jiajing Che withheld by the villagers, the injured children have died due to delays in treatment(http://www.best-news.us/).

Xiangxiang police informed that, in order to ensure smooth road, the police notified in accordance with procedures funeral service company to assist the transfer of the deceased remains preserved. Funeral company staff rushed to the scene, according to regulations with special green body bags for preparation of the dead body in the dress drove from the time, a few onlookers villagers deceased was not present on the grounds, forcing the funeral company staff to re-remove the remains and to prevent police cleared the site, ease traffic congestion. deceased relatives rushed to the scene after hearing the news, in a small crowd of villagers instigation of police siege of abuse, and forcibly detained by police accident investigation .8 4 morning, relatives of the deceased and a few villagers at the scene set mourning, set obstacles to intercept the passing vehicles and posted banners, posters, etc., affect the provincial vehicles .8 5 am, the deceased party and the compensation agreement reached between the accident, the dead body removed from the scene by his relatives, traffic restored patency.

(Original title: Xiangxiang police response 'sack and dragged off track.'

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