Vehicles stranded harbor crack problem Haikou intends to implement the four emergency plan

Published: 10:49:00 August 9,2013  Views: 774

Recently, a large number of vehicles stranded Qiongzhou Straits phenomenon, the reporter from the Haikou Municipal Transport and Shipping Authority was informed that the council has << Haikou harbor car (passenger) contingency plans for stranded >> (draft) to perfect , to be implemented immediately after approval.

Previously, Haikou City Haikou city government led by PMB traffic, traffic police detachment Haikou, Haikou incoming holding company with more than 10 units << Haikou harbor car (passenger) contingency plans for stranded >> (draft) The implementation details of the refinement study, now the program has been improved by the opinions of the parties will be submitted to the government in recent days pending. accordance with the program, according to the navigation conditions Qiongzhou Strait, fruits and vegetables from the island of Hainan season (February each year -5 month), 'Golden Week', 'Spring Festival' Under such circumstances arise over the sea vehicles (passenger) stranded stranded quantity and time, the corresponding state of emergency is divided into four levels. Reporter Zhao Lijuan

(Original title: crack problem Haikou harbor vehicles stranded four contingency plans to be implemented

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