Ye Meng Yuan failed to rescue firefighters found

Published: 11:11:08 August 9,2013  Views: 1651

Morning News (Reporter Han Na 'Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash' has been in the past month, the truth of the accident are constantly emerging. According to the U.S. << >> on the 6th San Francisco Chronicle reported that a newly discovered video display, rescue the crash scene, Ye Meng Yuan Chinese girl at least four firefighters had been found, but they both failed to lend a helping hand, did not consider this situation promptly reported, Ye Meng Yuan was eventually crushed fire truck rolled - According to local forensic previously recognized , which is the direct cause of death Faction round.

This video is involved in the rescue of the fire brigade captain Mark Johnson helmet camera captured, but because this video is important evidence of the crash investigation, the San Francisco Chronicle >> << therefore it is not published on the website only published some pictures taken from the video.

This video is the first of a fire truck arrived at the crash scene, Ye Meng Yuan lying on the runway, two firefighters found her, she drove around in a circle, put this situation was reported( Then there are at least Two firemen came to see a bit of a hurry, but they are mistaken Faction round had been killed, but did not report the situation to continue, he left her to go to see other people. Subsequently, this car fire in under the command of Captain Johnson sprayed fire foam So, unbeknownst to Johnson case, and the command to open a second fire engines arrived at the scene and sprayed fire-fighting foams. A few minutes later, the driver told Johnson said, 'fire fighting foam used up', you need to go back and add. precisely In the way back, the car fire circle from his pickup Faction past that time, Ye Meng Yuan's entire body has been fighting foam completely covered. Subsequently, other firefighters rushed to the scene after another, people discovered the remains of a Faction round, remains on a vehicle to open the scene.

<< >> Also pointed out that the San Francisco Chronicle, this fire is not equipped with thermal imaging devices, if equipped with such equipment, firefighters may be able to detect lying on the runway Ye Meng Yuan. Analysts believe that this will have a new video help to further clarify the truth about the tragedy, to identify Ye Meng Yuan's death really like the local police put it, 'just a tragic accident(News News'

(Original title: Ye Meng Yuan failed to rescue firefighters found

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