Add a little magic to everyday life

Published: 11:19:39 August 9,2013  Views: 555

My family has roots two money to buy sparklers, above a pink feathers, her daughter very much and we pretend magician, each variable. Preparation is very simple, is to first read several books about the sparklers, such as Miffy series Miffy is a small fairy << >>, << >> Winnie the witch, witch broom Cruncher << >>, so that children have a basic concept of magic, and then compile a funny spell.

Well, the show began: I put her into a small rabbit, she hands up ears pop, into frogs, she quack squat jump, you have to have to run variable Pony Mum and must meet the children so that children can Dangdang Fairy mother to perform, so much more fun of the game, the child's sense of participation can be mobilized.

The funniest one I remember is that I put her into my father, she would like the next, looking for a briefcase with my worship on the door to go to work, and become aunt, kitchen pretending to cook, becomes mother, then crouched small Stool side: playing on the computer! Playing on the computer!

Almost every child obsessed with magic, to the child's life is actually very easy to add a little magic, I know a mother, can not tell the baby red light when crossing the road, should be forced to blow, you can put red blown green. There are bits Dad, let the children sit in the back of the electric car, said: 'Oops, no electricity, and need your help shout next spell(' child called, the sentence standard mantra: 'Abra Qatar Brad.' car really opened!

Incidentally, the story of all English-speaking countries are the basis of the witch sorcerer spell spelling is the same: Abracadabra! Accent da, and read up yes, Abra Qatar Brad! This is the same like our Chi Kung San Xian, mantra 'Om (an), thing (ma), it (ni), pair (ba), microphone (mei), Hum (hong)' the same. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.