Eat the first camera phone micro-Bo is obsessive-compulsive disorder

Published: 11:20:36 August 9,2013  Views: 3388

Introduction: serving not Dongkuaizi first photographed every moment depends on a cell phone these are compulsive tendencies.

Heping District, Shenyang Taiyuan Street Street Associates communities established in the city's first spiritual sandbox games, free open to residents yesterday, the community counselors Bao Yi Fei said to consult the residents of more than 9 percent have obsessive-compulsive disorder, mobile phones forced propensity large proportion.

Forcing many residents tend to have a mobile phone

Associated communities in the community opened a 'spiritual garden' psychological treatment rooms, and set a professional therapist for guidance. Bao Yi Fei every Monday and several other counselors with residents in the community receive visitors, each consultant one day received at least four residents.

Bao Yi Fei said, obsessive compulsive disorder, is repeated persistent obsessions or forced movement of the main symptoms. Knows is irrational, but can not get rid of, so that patients feel the pain, 'In the past few obsessive-compulsive disorder because of social competition is less intense, stressful life is not great, because society is now faster pace, smooth flow of information, expanding the people's needs, so the pressure also followed bigger( '

She introduced, visiting residents accounted for nine of forced into a tendency, in which 'mobile bow family' have obsessive-compulsive tendencies large proportion.

Qi Cheng young people leave their hands almost phones. Walk, ride, eat, meetings, etc., has become a habit, do not play uncomfortable and even some young people to have a dinner, exchange of feelings not the subject, enjoy the food is not an end, we each take a cell phone, the waiter each dish to shoot a photo, and then send microblogging. 'Of course it can be said that mobile phone addiction, but some developed into forced tendencies.'

Aunt into a mobile control his wife divorce

A 65-year-old aunt is a mobile control, she cried own experience: nothing retirement home every day, two years ago, when her daughter taught her to use mobile Internet last year, she learned to send micro-channel, also learned to shake, shake into the surrounding neighborhood was very amusing, from a crush on the phone.

Whether eating, sleeping, traveling is a machine in hand, the morning wake up open your eyes to pick up the mobile Internet, with friends and children also used the micro-channel of communication, but also know a lot of new friends recently developed into a cell phone problems, She is very uncomfortable, restless, big temper( News has not cook half a year, and rarely communicate with his wife, to log every day, constantly off the assembly line, back and forth numerous times a day until one day her husband told her: you talk phone over it and now they have been divorced.

There is also a young man at a girlfriend every day with his girlfriend hair intimate micro-channel, at least a day to send four or five times. Later, the two broke up, you can send a lot of lads or micro-letter day. Lad said he knew not psychological recurrence, but how are unable to control, and later his girlfriend has a new boyfriend, and warned him not to be made, but he was unable to control, and finally one day, the ex-girlfriend's boyfriend looking up, punch him .

She was forced to relieve themselves prompted several small ways: Without prejudice to the case of physical and mental health, do not control their obsessions and behavior, which has been done either saturated, listen to relaxing music, do relaxation training, physical exercise every day, and most Good exercise 40 minutes every day to relieve stress.

Schoolbag schoolbag splashing oil points angrily tore

There is a 14-year-old splashed a schoolbag oil idea, angrily tore the whole bag. To consult before, had torn three bags, and even saw the thread on clothes torn clothes on, a freshman student per spread the quilt before sleep, paving, lie down, and then repeat the above action, the pressure should be repeated seven or eight times smaller, high pressure, a night to 20 times before they feel better finish.

Bao Yi Fei said that the two students' learning pressure is mainly caused by obsessive-compulsive disorder. Bao Yi Fei understanding, found that the reasons for obsessive-compulsive disorder and family education. Parents of the child's instinct has been suppressed due. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.