Guangdong Foshan 90 organizations after riding 40 music when shoot-off

Published: 11:20:36 August 9,2013  Views: 1560
Guangdong Foshan 90 organizations after riding 40 music when shoot-off Residents to participate in green riding activities.

Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan Reuters Pearl River Times (Reporter / Zeng Rong photo coverage), 'young college students to have this courage organize green activities, is not easy!' Recently, over seventy years old man Tang Shu attended by the students planning, organizing hundreds of people riding photographic activities, together with the young beauty riding Guicheng found, use the camera to record Guicheng beauty.

'We hope that through the green riding activities, so that we can feel the benefits and importance of outdoor sports.' In the South China Agricultural University sophomore studying Daiyi Long with friends planning, organizing green riding activities, attracted more than 100 residents participation.

Experience Yi Cuigong park caring culture, into the Xia Xi Outian parks, parks Yihai foot embankment ( walked more than 100 residents guicheng Chui Yi, East Second, Wan Xin, Laguna and Xia Xi and other community, visit the city public leisure venues and Tian An Cyber ​​Park and other industrial carrier.

Group of '90' of the students, with this innovative, environmentally friendly way to make the community gathered together to form cycling, encourage everyone to get out and understanding around the neighborhood, which makes '40' after the old man Tang Shu very moved. Gui three communities from the Tang Shu follow cycling enthusiasts in more than 100, while riding, while shooting with the camera and the camera(2010 World Cup Sports News Everywhere, Tang Shu will stop the car, and then left to take the camera, right hand holding a video camera, running in every corner of the scene. 'to find the best angle to showcase their most beautiful gesture.' Tang Shu said he would these photos on CD-ROM, sent to every participant.

'They successfully organized the event, the scene orderly.' Speaking of college students courage and spirit of service, Tang Shu thumbs praise riding activities by the students throughout primary organizations, including planning, advocacy, mobilization of materials, business sponsorship , route design.

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