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Recently, the reporter walking in the countryside north of Qufu City, Shandong Province, lush green roads, idyllic breathing clean air, feel the road shocks and changes in the economic domain This cozy village green living in the city Wu relying on the 'Green Road' mode and easy implementation.

'Green Road' is exotic, authoritative interpretation are: a linear green open space, usually along the riverside, valleys, ridges, scenic roads, railways, canals and other natural and artificial corridor construction site for visitors and cyclist into the landscape lines.

'Green Road' mode, is Wu village in 2013 focused on creating 'Wu Village' brand of this, the 'green road network' as the vine, the landscape, bucolic, agricultural production, the town development integration, 'in order to fruiting vine ', strung along the Village Development and Countryside farmhouse, strengthen the collective economy, string points into a line, the connection into the film, weaving agricultural tourism, enriching town industrial chain, enhance farmers' happiness index, create livable happiness Wu village.

Due form on the potential, Jianshe Road King one of the 'Green Road Network'

To create 'agricultural tourism features the town' as the goal, building 'covering the town, features highlights, versatile' and 'Green Road' Network .2013 years, invested more than 2000 million yuan, fully completed by the 104 National Road to Jiuxianshan area 'Green Road' trunk construction, hardened road 23(http://www.best-news.us/).6 kilometers, the new crossing 23 bridges and culverts, dams 12 landscape, planted along with 'jujube, persimmon, forever' as the main landscape planting 180,000 trees, built a 'combination of shrubs and flowers, hierarchical patchwork, tours are too close to the United States,' the landscape green belt, forming a 'evergreen, three quarters of flowering, temperament sense highlight the' green ecological landscape corridor, to achieve the mountains There are also road scene.

Constantly improve the branch 'Green Road' construction, to take government support policies supporting guidance to business investment as the mainstay, 'BOT' market-oriented operation of the auxiliary of the 'trinity' of financing, has now completed 18.6 km of the branch 'Green Road' Building . Pastoral Hills project invested 1.5 million yuan, the new repair Lord 'Green Road' stretching 3.2 kilometers road, on both sides of planting cherry, purple fragrant locust, kiwi seedlings 5000, patchwork, scenery, is the road into the park's ecological tourism . holy mountain tourism resort development project packaging Guanyin Taiwan attractions, building stone tour trail 2300 m, in the dining room and board, expanding training, leisure and health services, based on the landscape in turn play into the overall project scope, expanding the business to enhance the popularity now, like the pastoral Hills, Mount Athos tourist resort center independent construction branch 'greenways' business amounted to 12, invested over 11 million yuan.

Beads into a chain, to build rural tourism new card

Wu village of 'Green Road' to 'line', landscape, countryside, rural, farm music, tourism projects such as the 'point', the ecological advantages into advantages of tourism resources, and establish a slow life leisure travel system, build rural tourism new highlights, new business cards(Travel News http://www.best-news.us/).

Financing of 22 million yuan, packaging developed Guanyin Taiwan area, Paomaling area, more than 100 million fund-raising, planting arborvitae, pine and other seedlings 300,000, 1,000 acres of barren hills and green, Jiuxianshan scenic forest coverage rate of 70% or more , gourd folk village sets of tourists nearly 20 million people, developed in cooperation with the Beijing Film Studio of the two projects started, Valley West Hsiao-hsien Cultural Heritage Village has completed Hsiao-hsien Cultural Square, Hsiao-hsien demonstration Street, Takanori pool and other projects construction, incorporated city's first Phoenix Mountains farmhouse cooperatives, development farmhouse 160, annual tourists reached 80,000 people, 1.6 billion investment project has been completed the investigation of things Confucius Temple Lyceum main construction, investment 240 million yuan Lo bucket Buddhist Temple Main Hall cultural area projects have been completed, now open, digging organize cultural allusions, poetry, myths and legends 120, take full advantage of holy tourist resort center, Long Bay Resort habitat, Happy forward real base, the hole House Tea Culture Expo bases established coaching service facilities and venues, to carry out Green Road tours, string points into a line, the connection into the film, along the 'Green Road' construction of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture convergence zone, 'strange, beautiful, quiet 'leisure tourism, cycling through, eat peasant food, the concept of ecological beauty, greenways Wu Village tourism has become a new bright spot of tourism development.

Weaknesses, power take-off town Societe Generale

Complement the project short board, seeking greenway extra points, 'Wu Village Green Road' to give the 'town' function. Xu Xin Rural Power Project Leader Kong Weidong When asked, 'Why Wu Village construction site' is said, is Wu Village convenient traffic advantages, the beautiful 'Green Road' Environment project ground to become the preferred destination.

2013, Wu village invested 34 million yuan, the new road hardening projects gathering area 2300 m, 3000 green seedlings planted on both sides, forming a 'two vertical and two horizontal' road network, laying of underground pipes 4900 meters, the completion of sewage, drainage, drinking water project construction, to achieve a 'Stone a flat' to complete the town resident demonstration street 'greening, lighting' and road widening project, started the West Extension road construction projects, the park vector function can be improved significantly. to the 'Green road 'for the media, with' Project plate 'as a platform, knocking the door, recruit big business, there have been Bo Cheng Electrical, Xu Xin rural power, Yitong Machinery, Jie Mushi fertilizer industry, Wai Hang, cosmetics and other 35 projects have landed construction, commissioning, with a total investment of $ 5.0 billion, forming pooled investment business 'Huijin land' .1-7 month, the town completed local fiscal revenue 13,500,000 yuan, an increase of 37 percent, two tax income 3,770,000 yuan, an increase of 38%, in place of the registered capital of 32 million yuan, an increase of 269%.

Highlight the characteristics of farmers to get rich paved road

Wu Village is a very unique 'characteristics of agricultural tourism town', highlight the 'Green Road' of the soul, targeting urban communities 'basket', 'fruit plate' construction along the family farm 13, the high standard quality fruit picking garden 8 to fruit-based play, new circulation of 1.8 million mu of land, building a fruit wholesale market, evergreen garden, idyllic villa collections and a number of tourist parks such as pearl inlaid in the 'Green Road' on which the Swiss Garden 2013 was awarded the Shandong agricultural tourism demonstration sites, Jining Taibai restaurant cooperation with a 'four-star' peasant music. Jie Mushi fertilizer industry, the Quartet biodegradable agricultural, Xinyuan fruit processing, Xin Heng agricultural machinery, farming and other eco-tourism Running of the Bulls 6 agribusiness series in the 'Green Road', people start pulling more than 2,000, the monthly wages are more than 1,500 yuan, becoming the promotion of farmers' income 'rich road.'

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