Shijiazhuang Beierhuan a cell without monitoring a multi-vehicle car overnight disfigured

Published: 11:17:53 August 9,2013  Views: 715

The 6th night, dozens of cars a district capital disfigured.

It is understood that the district in the past there had been zoned car events.

Today, the designated car incident breaks out, which makes the cell owners angry.

One night dozens of cars are classified

11 am yesterday, the provincial capital Shengli North Street near the intersection with North Second Ring Li Heng Yuan district, many residents gathered in the downstairs, chatting area 'designated car events.'

One resident said, yesterday morning, he found the district where dozens of cars have been scratched. These are designated vehicles, mostly parked overnight in the south side of the main road, Building 6, a private car.

Reporters learned that, due plot without planning parking spaces, private car park can be arbitrary. Many residents will be parked in a residential road.

With the increase in cell vehicles, Building 6, more than one hundred meters south of the main road of the area, every day 'car-infested' ( south building on the grass in the evening is also full of parked cars.

Reporters found that not only stop at the main road vehicles are classified, vehicles parked on the grass were spared these are designated vehicles, mostly the rear there is a scratch, but a parked car on the grass Audi may suffer, the body was drawn to a circle.

Residents say the car the better, the more heavy injuries, as well as an off-road vehicle, the car was the front man drew a circle.

Property for the district said it would install monitoring

Residents are angry, so many cars, 'disfigured', which is causing a Who?

One owner said he came home early in the morning, the district did not find anything unusual in parked cars can be the next morning, his car was scratched( News

Since cell monitoring is not installed, it is difficult to find a person designated car. Residents say there have been zoned residential car before the event, but only a few vehicles were scratched by the loss of so many cars, so owners was very shocked.

Currently, nearly 30 are designated car owners to residential property to register.

Residential property Mr Bai said yesterday 7 pm, he learned that the cell after the accident, with the public security organs to investigate immediately, while he also said that after consultation with the residents, property for residential installation monitoring.

Currently, police are still on the case for further investigation.

The first time something to say

@ Word hindsight: Whatever the reason, damage to property must be severely punished.

Micro-channel users 'silent': For such a 'dog in the manger,' the people, we should work together to denounce.

Micro-channel users 'Mies - red beans Caesar': I do not know who is the designated car ye think, hope the police can quickly solve the case. Best News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.