Super 38 ℃ temperature warning sunshine sanitation workers to stop outdoor work

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Peninsula Metropolis Daily, August 8 (Reporter Zhang Yongping) According to meteorological analysis showed Rizhao, Rizhao City, the 8th highest temperature in urban areas reached 36.6 ℃, sunshine is expected in most parts of the 9th highest temperature will exceed 35 ℃, Rizhao City Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning temperature. reporter learned from Rizhao City Administration station, when the temperature is above 35 ℃, 37 ℃ below, municipal construction building construction will be outdoor as intermittent stops, the temperature exceeded 38 ℃, the sanitation workers stopped all day outdoors work.

According to the observatory staff Rizhao City, August 8 urban maximum temperature reached 36.6 ℃, appeared in the city. According to the Shandong provincial Housing Department notification requirements, for the construction of municipal construction, when the temperature reaches above 35 ℃, 11 to 15:00 not in direct sunlight construction operations. maximum temperature of the day above 35 ℃, 37 ℃ below, should take measures to reduce the continuous operating time, and shall arrange outdoor open overtime work( temperatures higher than 36 ℃, to immediately stop the open air construction work when the temperature reached above 40 ℃, should stop working.

It is understood that the job of urban sanitation front-line workers, when forecasting the maximum temperature exceeded 35 ℃, 11:00 to 15:30, stop cleaning staff working outdoors, the other time periods modest arrangement according to temperature changes when the temperature exceeded 38 ℃, day stop outdoor work. Moreover, due to high temperature shutdown delay time of the contract works by loss of working time extended the contract duration.

In recent days, sustained high temperatures invasion of Rizhao City, Huangshan landfill surface temperature up to 45 ℃, landfill operations inside and HDPE film surface temperature higher, reaching 50 ℃, 80 ℃. Municipal solid waste landfill particular work center combines environment, start the hot work plan. First, adjust the operating time, in ensuring admission trash can be effectively treated under the premise of rational 13:00 to 14:00 to avoid the high temperature period, and secondly, to adjust staffing, reasonable shifts, off-duty (News News increase the number of front-line operations team, using shift work system to ensure that workers have adequate time to rest, to avoid last a long time in high temperature operating conditions, the effective protection of the health of workers and landfill smoothly, once again, good logistic support, an ample supply of heatstroke drugs in landfills built arbor with water heaters, fans, and timely purchase sunstroke drugs distributed to the hands of workers, stewed bean soup for the front-line workers sunstroke.

(Source: Peninsula Network - Peninsula Metropolis Daily [Editor: Zhang Chen-chen]?

(Original title: Super 38 ℃ temperature warning sunshine sanitation workers to stop outdoor work

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