Dr. invented "artifact" shows you how far away from the bus (Figure)

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Dr. invented "artifact" shows you how far away from the bus (Figure) Yesterday, Shapingba, Shao Lingshuang (middle) is the bus station for passengers and bus drivers to explain their research and development of 'car coming' software. Chief reporter Zhongzhi Bing photo

Commercial News chief reporter intern Li Junsheng Huang Ping

Chongqing Daily News wanted destination, but do not know what times the bus ride? Do not be afraid, there is now a 'car coming' software installed on the phone can not only find out after you want to sit on a bus route, you can also know recently that train far away from you yesterday, one of the software developers Lai Yu Shao Lingshuang demonstrated the software, and that the people of Chongqing in August 20 or so free download(http://www.best-news.us/).

How far is it from the bus you know

34-year-old Shao Lingshuang is Wuhan, Hubei Province, in 2010 from Peking University [microblogging] Ph.D., is currently the Wuhan University [microblogging] Computer Science lecturer. Yesterday, Shapingba District, he demonstrated a teahouse called a 'car to the 'magic software, his cell phone is filled with this software, there are currently only include Wuhan, Chongqing, Suzhou and Urumqi four cities in all bus lines.

Reporters on the scene saw the show, he at random from Linjiangmen to Chongqing North Railway Station Bus 612, then the phone appeared on the line 20 bus stop, he said, if their bus stop in Shangqingsi, Shangqingsi stations can click, click, mobile phones appeared on the red and blue car models, while the 612 bus line all the running track is clearly visible, where red indicates 612 buses have been arriving, said it is blue running, but how many stations from Shangqingsi station, all can see.

So how long it is from their own time to reach it? Shao Lingshuang said, depending on traffic congestion, and road conditions to be, can not be accurately estimated(Education News http://www.best-news.us/). If the 612 bus to perform special tasks, failure to stay put, or a change in the original lines, 'car coming' software will not have shown it? Shao Lingshuang that the software to filter out this information, the purpose is not to be misleading.

Development of claiming half a million cast

According to Shao Lingshuang, in order to develop the software, they are altogether convened a research team composed of more than 10 people, more than 100 million investment in research and development than six months time. 'Now almost every buses are equipped with GPS positioning system, every more than 10 seconds, it will run the information is automatically sent to the city's public transport information center, and through the center of the server forwarded to us, 'he said, their servers over the network after receiving this information, then the use of geographic information systems These data are filtered and rectified to arrive at more accurate positioning.

Shao Lingshuang told reporters that at present they are only in Wuhan, Chongqing, Suzhou and Urumqi four cities recorded a city bus lines, as long as the citizens of these cities have a smart phone, so in August 20 can be in the phone's 'applied markets,' where Free download this software.

Shao Lingshuang said he hopes to have invested, 'fight for all cities bus lines entered in the software, whether it is a business trip when the time to go, you can use the 'car to the' Shortcut to sit want to ride the bus.'

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