Significant shareholders more than half the average daily cash 170 million private equity bearish GEM

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Significant shareholders more than half the average daily cash 170 million private equity bearish GEM Column capital flows '000 hot stocks diagnostic assessment rating simulated trading mobile phone to watch the latest stock

In the first half, the GEM rapid rise in the A-share market will undoubtedly wrote a 'Divine Comedy.' However, since the last few trading days, the GEM index was weak in the high, and the emergence of severe shock, while a recent survey , including private equity investment institutions, including the radical type, the majority also believe that the GEM market is facing a huge risk.

Private that GEM would callback

Yesterday GEM refers to the ups and downs, opening soon about fell 1%, then turned up, the maximum was up 1.72%, then drop resistance, still retains some of the victories, to close at 1185( points, or 0.87%. Full GEM Turnover 210.71 billion, decreased 22.03% over the previous trading day. Shanghai Securities News early August survey statistics show that about 55(Finance News of the private placement that is currently a huge risk GEM market, there will be a callback, only 11.11% of the private placement that GEM will still be 'strong as ever' and would not call back, another 33.33% of the private equity market, said the outlook for GEM can not judge.

The survey results and the recent disclosure of the A-share market after another report of listed companies seems to be 'correspondence' from the mid-year report known situation, gathered and held by private equity market capitalization of over $ 100 million in stock are mainly deep Wall, heroic technology, CPT technology, Aviation Precision Machinery, Australia Shunchang, East Fortune, Silan, confidence electrical and other eight stocks, however, only one stock from East Fortune GEM.

Chongqing, a private person, told reporters that at present they are short-term view of the GEM market is very cautious, 'First of all, the high valuation of the GEM stocks faced in reporting the results of the test, secondly, from a technical perspective, the GEM index obviously insufficient volume near record highs, it is expected to adjust the plate facing the pressure is not small. '

Significant shareholders start running

In addition to this factor overvalued, the GEM stocks also faced heavy lifting cash pressures, according to Wind Information and Statistics, August GEM market will have 2.514 billion shares of restricted shares lifted, lifted the market value will reach 43.633 billion, In the next September, the GEM market, there are 1.57 billion shares of restricted shares lifted the market value is also about 36 billion, which means that this month and next month will be the GEM market in this year's two lifting peak month.

The Wind information data show that some of the significant shareholders of GEM stocks, seems to be in time for the ban to start running before the peak hit .8 months ago 5 trading days, the GEM market, a significant shareholder of listed companies (including executives), average daily cash holdings of approximately $ 170 million, compared with July the average daily level of 150 million increased significantly. Specifically, clean water source, Tomson times [microblogging], Silver State shares of GEM stocks, are faced with hundreds of millions of dollar selling.

The SW [microblogging] more investment advisers He Wu told reporters, through block trades approach to reduction in the importance of companies listed on GEM shareholders seem more popular.

According to the Chongqing Morning News >> <<

Bodies tangled

GEM will become fund performance winning hand

Is in the 'mad' GEM, may become subversive fund performance rankings in the second half of a key force. Wind statistics show that as of the second quarter, a total of 142 GEM stocks as fund holding, accounting for GEM stocks about 40% of the total number, float capitalization reached 40.7 billion yuan, 16.23 billion yuan compared with the end of 2012 surged more than doubled. heavily loaded GEM stocks also became thickened many fund performance during the first half of the 'magic.' But with Market expectations for GEM adjustment increasingly strong, get together GEM fund performance there may be formed on the hit.

Although heavily loaded with a lot of get together GEM stocks, but this does not seem to hinder the GEM fund managers are keen adjusted expectations. Dacheng Fund [microblogging] that GEM index is close to record highs, but the current popularity is still strong, is expected to on the red record high, but this is likely to be the final sprint stage, the probability of being corrected after index increasing. a fund manager, told reporters in the concept of stimulus again, many stocks have perish GEM tools for the hype, even with real growth stocks, the share price has separated itself from the fundamentals, the implied risk-adjusted is constantly increasing.

Since July, the largest holding in the fund performance GEM stocks ahead, but in the GEM adjustments are expected to gradually concentrated in the background, this pattern may be dropped as part of the fund Awkwardness has changed again. Ranked stock-based results for the current first a strategic emerging industries in the Post Fund as an example, as of August 6, this year, the fund has gained 67.27% rate of return, and the disclosure of the fund's top ten Awkwardness in the second quarter, as much as 7 From GEM, but industry insiders pointed out that as part of the leading stock-based Awkwardness excessive concentration on the GEM, GEM happen once more substantial adjustments to these shares will be a tremendous impact on the performance of the base, according to China Securities << Report >>

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