Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Wenhao: make concerted efforts to promote the "six-city" Work

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Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Wenhao: make concerted efforts to promote the "six-city" Work

Pictured meeting site

Red Net Yongzhou station Aug. 15 news (reporter Jiang Yu-xi August 14 afternoon, party secretary Chen Wenhao hosted 'six city' work conference, Mayor and city leaders Tangsong Cheng Yan Zhihui, Gao Jianhua, Tang fixed, easy Jialiang, Jiangshan Sheng, Yan Hailin, Shi Yanping, Shu equal participation in the meeting. Wenhao that 'six-city' consistent with the actual Yongzhou, to form a thick atmosphere, together grasping created.

The meeting first heard the Municipal Housing Bureau, the Municipal Judicial Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Parks on the creation of national historical and cultural city, rule of law and advanced cities, National Forest City, National Sanitary City, National renowned cultural tourist destination city, national garden city report on the situation, after which the participants have been on the 'six-city' work freely, Tan view suggestions(http://www.best-news.us/). Everyone agreed that 'six city' has achieved initial success, the city changed significantly the public fully affirmed.

Wenhao at the meeting said, 'six-city' consistent Yongzhou reality, we must vigorously promote the effective promotion, to form a thick atmosphere, work together to create arrested, he pointed out that one must have a clear focus. To create national sanitary city as a breakthrough for the other to create work, regardless of the difficulties of creating AXA much, we must unswervingly created successfully, historical and cultural city is Yongzhou features, must go all out to seize the declaration, the forest is Yongzhou resources, as long as we base do a good job, the creation of national forest city and national garden city great hope, we must actively create a favorable legal environment, to build the rule of law Yongzhou, according to the tourist destination city requirements, planning and development of tourism Yongzhou, to planning, packaging Yongzhou tourism projects, to create leading tourism products. Second, we must strengthen the leadership. various coordination group to create clear responsibilities, decomposition of tasks and carry it out. Third, we must strengthen the scheduling system to establish a long-term scheduling of each month to create a coordination group to convene a will promote the coordination and control the implementation of the reporting period inverted, one thing one thing to grasp scheduling(News News http://www.best-news.us/).

Yan Zhihui stressed that 'six city' is not a goal, but it is a good starting point for the work, we will continue to actively promote the 'six-city' work. Various departments to fully perform their duties, and work to return to the reality of the current situation Yongzhou in an effort to return to the duties of the department up.

(Original title: Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Chen Wenhao: concerted efforts to promote the 'six-city' Work

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