Bar staff before posting to refute allegations Mengge

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Mengge sue bar yesterday was 'refute'

Lee alleged gang rape 'bickering' intensified, in addition to the lawyers involved in the case, family members, began yesterday morning, Lee case involved a claim to the Department of Bar staff 'readme' on the Internet is a large number of reprint this article refuted one by one Prior to the bar of the Mengge suspected of organizing prostitution, 'the accuser.'

In this 'readme', the party was Mengge meaning of 'bar manager' Zhang said he did not like Mengge the appeal, had the initiative to invite Lee to bar consumption. Article said that although the same before Lee mutual left a phone number, but did not know Lee minors, do not know Lee is the son of Li Shuangjiang. 'Just looking at his physical characteristics, it is difficult to link him and minors.'

In addition, Zhang also denied the bar 'Miss' service, Ms. Yang said the plaintiffs were present but that he 'knew before the regulars at the bar chatting,' Ms. Yang said he did not put the words may be for Mengge party mentioned Ms( Yang Lee and tease minors concerned, Zhang also denied.

Zhang in the 'readme' and insisted that Lee is not extortion. Besides, Zhang also insisted on denying Mengge sue letter by the bar area extortion allegations that after the bar staff to use the cell phone to Li Shuang Jiang Yang texting , but the message content does not involve money.

Plaintiff's attorney is issued by the Department of witnesses confirmed

Ms. Yang Lee plaintiffs lawyer Tian army yesterday in his blog and microblogging forwarded this 'readme.'

Tian army counsel to the BMC reporter confirmed that the statement released by the Department Lee case of important witnesses, namely Mengge the accused 'bar manager,' but 'he was just a stateroom attendant is responsible, not the bar manager(News News' Tian Counsel also told the BMC reporters that the 'readme' before the release of his statement will be released Zhang heard the news, 'but because I am responsible for the victim side, the bar is a third party, so they did not talk about specific details. '

Yesterday, Zhang phone has been turned off.

Bar manager, said: Zhang had left

BYD bar manager Ding told reporters that he himself does not know Zhang issued a 'readme' statements regarding, 'Zhang is indeed our waiter before, but Lee incident shortly after he left the bar.' Meanwhile, Mr. Ting BYD reporter stressed that the two women involved have not bar staff, but did not provide sexual services. 'This is the police have confirmed the investigation, prostitution and extortion are not the thing.'

Recently, Lee will do respond to legal counsel

This concern for the 'readme', BMC reporter linked to Lee Lan and one legal adviser.

Lan and said that he was busy, have not had a close look at this statement, but heard from friends about the content, the overall feeling is 'trying to hide something, full of loopholes.' Lan and BYD also told reporters that in Monday's When writing a review for this post.

Reporters also tried to seek counsel Ran Wang Lee's response, but he said, 'at dinner,' and refused to talk about the case.

Text / trainee reporter Zhang Jingwen

Provide clues / Mao

(Original title: Bar former employees accused of posting refute Mengge

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