"Decisive battle Swallow door" premiered ending tells the legendary Grand Theft Auto

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"Decisive battle Swallow door" premiered ending tells the legendary Grand Theft Auto Lee three childhood Yujie (Wang can be decorated for his healing

LOS ANGELES produced by Zhejiang Yongle Film Co., known as a film and television producer Cheng Lidong producer, the country Jianyong [microblogging], Wang Fei co-directed, Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony costumes designer Chen is featuring stylists, Yang Shuo [microblogging], Yu Zhen [microblogging], Fan Yulin [microblogging], Wang can [microblogging], Liu Liu, Liu Mengmeng [microblogging], Zhang Ying, DU Yi-Heng, Norman Chu and other ofActor co-starring drama < <battle Swallow door >> in Shandong Qilu Taiwan premiere ending.

People fly

Door >> << battle Swallows Swallows Lee to Robin's legendary life three main line, from a teenager Li Chu nine three offending bullies Director Chen Yu sent to prison by the police to follow Li Yunfei, Oriental White Men Pirates of the learning and skills dodge , to create swallows door against the northern warlords and the Japanese invaders, create one with integrity, perseverance, passion, courage and other heroic character of the real 'Chinese Grand Theft Auto(http://www.best-news.us/).' Therefore, swallows door >> << battle stories from people and come, and character is a major part of the play. than Lee three, there are three lovers Dongfang Yu Li, Li benefactor, Master Oriental white, villain Chen Yu, what experiences they will face what, win the attention of many viewers.

Plot fly

Swallow door >> << battle narrative rhythm, plot structure, the plot is very perfect convergence, Robin Li three experienced growth story and turns throughout the play, the intervening contest, Japanese and other story line, well-organized intertwined, indeed successfully Japanese martial arts drama and drama, inspirational drama fusion. Moreover, swallows door >> << battle in the action, adventure, anti-Japanese heroes such elements, but also into a lot of tenderness, including three with Dongfang Yu Li's love touched the Oriental White The Xiongmeizhiqing with Dongfang Yu, Li three mentoring and Oriental White feelings, said after reading a lot of friends in the whole drama, 'the story of ups and downs, feeling profoundly moving, people look very enjoyable.'

Performances fly

Door >> << battle Swallow invited to Yang Shuo, Yu Zhen, Fan Yulin, Wang Ke, Liu Liu, Liu Mengmeng, Zhang Ying, DU Yi-Heng, Norman Chu and many other powerful faction composed of the cast, the play every actor's performance can be said to be 'role possessed' the same field Biao play sparks were flying, some netizens commented that 'flesh and blood, there are many levels deep, performing not just superficial, even based on real and vivid way to show the characters.'

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