Yang Kun singing "special status" Donnie choking scene

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LOS ANGELES by the Donnie [microblogging], Jing Tian [microblogging], Zhang Hanyu [microblogging], Andy [microblogging] other starring 2013 action blockbuster << special status >> on September 6 in Beijing held a press release will be announced on October 18 the profile of the film starring Donnie Yen, Jing Tian, ​​Andy and the theme song singer Yang Kun [microblogging] attended the field conference at the scene, the singer Yang Kun singing and videos tailored for Donnie Yen custom theme song << I did not you think so strong >> make Donnie was very moved, once choked.

Donnie: I did not think so strong we

Day conference, an opening, pieces convenient released movie theme song << I'm not so strong as you think .. the lyrics 'This is the world spread out a dense network, there are many rumors tied me, anyway, do not wear broken cold wall, simply shut the windows block the sun. 'written to make men strong appearance of frustration and injuries, and the MV movie Donnie dwell on the fate of Heibailiangdao echoed also people can not help think about their special status in the shooting <<> > encountered during the various twists and turns, and faced criticism and misunderstanding. sing a complete, sitting in the audience Donnie red eyes.

Yang Kun said that this song is not so much to give special status << >> write, as it is written Donnie Yen, 'the film from the preparation to the end of filming, I am well aware of all the details, so I'm looking for to write this song, I want you to see Donnie Yen's heart. before Donnie give you the impression has always been strong, never give up, but then there are also strong man behind the vulnerable side, no matter how powerful people also have to withstand, a lot of pain could not come up with it. 'For this first wrote the song for himself, Donnie Yen is also an expression of gratitude to Yang Kun,' the song, there are a lot of words and pictures make me think of some of their own experiences, very mixed feelings, Yang Kun singing like my own singing, he conveys feelings, can express my feelings. '

Donnie Yen admitted that he did not we imagine so strong, he is also an ordinary person, you will feel tired and want to give up, every time this time, his wife Cissy Wang is his largest pillar and motivation, 'We, filmmakers, spent part of the time in the works, and all day on the outside, it is easy to overlook the side of the family, but every time I came home very tired, she would give me great support, over the years has always been. 'And when Asked what his wife has done the most moving things yourself, Donnie Yen live 'affection', 'every day she really touched me, she can stay with me, every minute every second I was very moved. '

Donnie miss an old friend Szeto Kam Yuen

Special status is Donnie << >> << SPL following >>, << >> fuse action after another one giant system, but also his return again after a lapse of six years the fashion action theme. Film, Donnie Yen starred in a paradox dark hero, played in King Sweet mainland policewoman with the help of Andy and the gang leader to start a new exception brutal fight. Donnie Yen is not only the film's protagonist, also served as the film's action director and producer, three jobs while in order to ensure the film's action level for each actor Donnie Yen designed different style of play, the Sincere to the meat of the 'Zhen Gongfu' to a whole new level.

It is reported that in the movie, 'Zhen Gongfu' will be fully upgraded, not only the integration of foreign elements in a variety of martial arts, fight scenes every game and no repeating pattern, Donnie Yen and more from a master of kung fu fight ten upgraded to a fight dozens of fighting master. when the moderator called 'real man' is, Donnie Yen humbly said, 'I do not think they are real man, just want to be a responsible man, a good man.'

In particular, he referred to his friend, the film screenwriter Szeto Kam Yuen is in my mind the real 'real man', 'special status >> << encounter difficulties, he offered to come to help me, but in fact he was already suffering from cancer, has been receiving treatment in hospital, the body is very bad, but still endure pain, to spare no effort to help me the last few months of his life, I often went to visit him, he has lost to only a skeleton of the be happy every time I have asked me, 'how about a film shoot?', 'do post yet? music do?' no matter how uncomfortable, and he always told me to discuss the topic of the film, rather than on his own, never one to complain, it is such a people who love movies. seeing him like this, I thought, that we who are alive, we must cherish life, cherish the people around, live stronger. I hope << >> special status to be successful, I believe he can be seen in the sky. '

Conference Finally, the public key creative jointly announced the movie << >> special status will be October 18 nationwide release.

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