4 people were rumors Shandong Zibo deflagration accident deaths were punished

Published: 2013-9-8 September 8,2013  Views: 109

BEIJING, Sept. 8 Zibo Electric (Dongzhen Xia Miao Jun DONG Chun pigeon) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shandong Zibo a September 2 deflagration accident occurred after the accident, friends said the Internet posting accident 'death more than 10 people,' ' dead pull out several car 'accident killed four people injured exaggerate the facts. Zibo police through careful investigation, the 8th captured four in the online rumor spread by blasting accident, and according to his illegal facts and circumstances, for four people impose different degrees of punishment.

September 2, Zibo, a biotechnology company deflagration accident occurred, the accident killed four people injured. September at 17:21 on the 2nd Xu, a man in Tencent microblogging published content is 'Telling Our company behind the explosion of biotechnology , said the dead pull out several cars, the Internet was reported that four of them seriously, his uncle 'microblogging, complicated by two firefighters from the Internet to cut fire photos(http://www.best-news.us/).

September 3, network called 'Xiaofuhe River Jour' netizens on Baidu Post Bar Zibo it, Zhangdian right post, thread several times claimed that 'Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Zibo a boiler explosion occurred, the death of more than 10 people . 'Subsequently, it was gradually abreast, spread some false content.

After the release of these rumors on the Internet, the rapid spread of Zibo City Public Security Bureau Network Security Detachment increase online surveillance efforts, in cooperation with relevant departments to the city, spreading rumors in the network of four criminals arrested.

According to Public Security Administration Punishment Law << >> the relevant provisions of Article 25, the police Zibo Zhang (Zhangdian man, 30 years old), a song (Zichuan man, aged 24) sentenced to administrative detention for five days punishment for the lesser of two other case, were to be fined and criticized(News News http://www.best-news.us/). (END)

(Original title: four people were rumors Zibo deflagration accident deaths have been punished)

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