Yang Kun wife sing Donnie Young Dragons thanks to support

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Action movie << >> special status, on September 6, held in Beijing, the theme song << I'm not so strong as you think >> conference, listening to Yang Kun [microblogging] live singing the theme song, the emotionally starring Donnie Yen [microblogging] Talking about his heart vulnerable side. According to reports, << >> special status has been set file October 18 release in the country.

Day of the conference in YangKun concert movie theme song << >> << special status did not you think I'm so strong >> open by Cui Shu [microblogging] lyricist, composer Yang Kun soulful singing this song a tough guy softest side, Yang Kun said, 'This song is not so much to give special status >> << wrote the film, as it is written to the brother Donnie.'

Talk about 'not so strong' side, Donnie Yen admitted that he did not as powerful as we see every day the pain of tired with the body, especially the heart to go home after the pain, we must encourage ourselves we need to do tomorrow the best, he made special mention of his beloved wife Cissy Wang, bluntly, if not the support of his wife in the back, he did not last the day. Speaking of emotional place, Donnie Yen screen tough guy who can not help choking, his wife Cissy Wang is also the audience burst into tears(http://www.best-news.us/). Peninsula Morning, sea power network correspondent Mu Chenxi

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