"Noah's Ark" Mid-Autumn Festival premiere of zero-point field pre-release

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"Noah's Ark" Mid-Autumn Festival premiere of zero-point field pre-release A letter "Noah's Ark" Mid-Autumn Festival premiere of zero-point field pre-release Monsters "Noah's Ark" Mid-Autumn Festival premiere of zero-point field pre-release Guanyou "Noah's Ark" Mid-Autumn Festival premiere of zero-point field pre-release Martha "Noah's Ark" Mid-Autumn Festival premiere of zero-point field pre-release Stone

LOS ANGELES Mayday [microblogging] 3D concert film << May day Noah's Ark >> upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on September 19 the day of general release. Talked about the idea of ​​films released in the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mayday members Ashin [micro Bo] expressed the wish to see this film will become a popular Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the new over France. Chupin believe that music, said viewing area rock fans will be surrounded by the first row, from all angles to appreciate the charm of Mayday To meet eagerly hoping fans and fans, the film also launched today premiere 0:00 field pre-sale activities, participating fans will also receive an exclusive pre-customized 3D glasses.

<< May day Noah's Ark >> Mainland 0:00 premiere pre-start

3D movies << May day Noah's Ark >> Follow Mayday 'Noah's Ark' concert world tour which began filming, the Mayday in 40 cities 71 concerts in different angles in 3D camera photographed and clever through music, the convergence of the screen will be 71 performances fused into a complete movie for movie released in Mid ideas Mayday members Ashin said it hopes to see the film to become too popular method of Mid-Autumn Festival 'in Taiwan Barbecue in the Mid-Autumn Festival customs, but this year we can have a new over France, try try barbecue together to the cinema to enjoy after completing Mayday movies can even be done with the environmental cleanup of environmental work, over a very different Mid-Autumn Festival. '

The difference is that the upper works, this film will increase zero premiere screenings, let the fans for the first time to experience the charm of Mayday concert. Early in the film when the release date has not been determined, there are a lot of fans want to represent the first number of viewers, but also especially to the film's request wish to arrange 0:00 screenings, according to CLC film, the network will work together to expand 0:00 barley premiere pre-sale activities, while in 13 to 16 days of purchase advance tickets for the premiere Fans will be able to get an exclusive customized 3D commemorative glasses. recently, the film also opened in Taiwan advance ticket activities, enthusiastic fans in a short time put 40,000 advance tickets sold out, the situation is astounding hot .

Twenty thousand fans to join boarding the first row will be surrounded by rock area

The zero-point field covers a total pre-sales, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other 27 cities in 105 theaters, about 25,000 pre-sale tickets, which means that the There are more than 20,000 fans will board the 'Noah's Ark', and as the first audience to experience this unique advance concert film, along with Mayday carnival. Asked produced concert film of the mind, Mayday broker Xiezhi Fen said that not only allows no concert fans enjoy the city, but also to give you some exposure to the feelings of the first row of rock zone, 'movie one day be staged twenty thousand games, many fans have no chance to see the concert, it is now have the opportunity to make movies, Mayday decided to do this thing. '

As the second part of Mayday 3D concert film, << May day Noah's Ark >> using more advanced 3D technology shooting, stunning visual effects complete show 'Noah's Ark' wonderful world tour live, let Mayday more 'nearly forced' front of the audience. Moreover, the film is called Mayday craziest shooting plan, the use of aerial perspective beyond the audience with universal remote control helicopter camera Spidercam empty shot Flyingcamera and other high-tech equipment, shooting, even Ashin known as 'the record of many members who do not have to see the screen.' Mayday also said he was looking forward to the film's performance, 'This time there are seven more than a dozen concerts, each an average of about three million people, if such statistics down , there are more than two hundred people came to see the concert. Millions of people do not know these two together to see the film, then, how is the feeling that we are very looking forward to. '

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