Beihai Silver Beach Seaview sitting stunning romantic autumn chase

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24 kilometers of Silver Beach, each part in the metamorphosis and evolution of the season, at different times, showing a different charm: Silver Beach gentle and delicate area of ​​the beach, the Western end of the Crown Ridge Forest Park and the rock hardness and softness affordable movement, while the Eastern beach wetland wild passengers, people have to praise God the Creator clever.

West End is a village called the South Village. Village ancient goo Mile Village, birthplace of one of the North Sea, I like to Gulf South Village, a person standing outside the village in a brighter future, listen to waves, indulge Man I thought, here quiet, simple, I like this article in a record in the South Bay's feelings: 'In this mountain corner, deep in the Gulf, the sound of the waves, gentle and tough in here and the waves meet. an act of God This Roaring like who's hand clasped heart, let your mind getting into classical, heartbeat sound through Fuzao in thick, gradually the feeling of the vast land, put quieter than solitude. 'bay by a lush Guantouling surrounded from( soft sand and bare volcanic rock smells beachhead. Sand is free of impurities, white sand, stone is smooth and strong, black stone. accustomed cement road naked feet, standing on thin sand, 'soft, exciting moment.' Here casually took a piece of rock, an even a reef, he gave the footsteps will lead to the sea. exposure to the sea, involuntarily Heart Zen: 'We see the sea / off the double where the foot is less than one meter and / Margaret Stone / like a flower opening in the foot / person, such as lotus, standing water central. 'Here too quiet, quiet as a picture. sampan not far from the eyes Lane glide. head occasionally coming two, three seabirds chirping sound of the sun just like who fished from the sea round props hanging mid-air, so close, so real(Travel News skies are blue or gray, cloudy or no clouds, are irrelevant, far and near, gently heavy waves, from ear forward, out from the right ear, coverage and appease the soul.

Beihai Silver Beach Seaview sitting stunning romantic autumn chase Silver beauty map / Pang white

Silver center and east and west sides of what happens differently.

Thirty years ago here, pine forest, sisal Cong everywhere, sand crabs, jumping fish, Paleozoic Limulus ...... you sing me on stage, on the beach individuality. Then Silver Beach, hidden in purdah who did not know.

Here twenty years ago, eight Fangying Hao presence, exotic buildings springing up, flourish. Usher in the sky overnight acclaim Silver, but also ushered in numerous chaos and disorder.

Here a decade ago, and finally quiet down and it lasted for a thousand silence and sudden loss, pain, noise, began to decay, then people understand and accept the face, graceful appeared in the world. Artificially fabricated build buildings, All from Silver Beach sand to clear out, leaving only straight palm trees, soft grass, white sandy beaches, clear waters and sunny sky.

From the chaos of nines, return to the haircut quiet, Silver spent ten years.

Beihai Silver Beach Seaview sitting stunning romantic autumn chase Sky and sea chart Source: Sina

God arranged every mountain, every river, every one sea to the true form of presentation, display their mysterious, rich, grace, find their own vision of the storage and soul entrusted, is justified. Fortunately, it has been gradually destroying the original return from the original understanding, understanding of the nature, ecology, quality, beauty, the deep meaning of these common nouns.

Silver therefore exist.

So beautiful.

Thus re-let the world wonder.

Beihai Silver Beach Seaview sitting stunning romantic autumn chase Stunning sea view Figure source: Sina

I have stayed numerous times at Silver Beach, walking on the beach, swim in the sea stroke, breathing it slightly salty air, overlooking the distant little fishing fan, listening to the cries of the sky came the whistle, I found that the Silver Beach never subtle, restrained Xiaojiabiyu, but elegant, ladylike atmosphere. Yintan never just beautiful, delicate, but the vicissitudes, calm and quiet expanse.

Anytime, even if the wind comes up, turbid monstrous, Silver those white perseverance and dedication, is still natural, sober, calm, to lead people away from and arrival, and its raw and refined, more lonely or hate, are forgotten. Silver Beach hurry, and not be dry, white living in their own world, neither contrived nor Johnson situation, it is the modern and classical poetry blend together, soak up every tree, every strain of grass Each one gravel, every corner.

Stunning beautiful and fragrant flowers while unknowingly clumsy, pure and romantic wild taste qualities of Enron still after vicissitudes.

This is the Beihai Silver Beach.

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