Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention three times during the regional implementation of Tianfu Avenue temporary traffic control

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Chengdu, Sichuan News Network September 23 news (reporter Jiang Na) September 24 to 26, the Twelfth World Chinese Entrepreneurs Conference will be held in Chengdu During the General Assembly, Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau in accordance with the hierarchical interim management, sequential shunt principles for the implementation of the three spheres of Tianfu Avenue area of ​​temporary traffic management measures.

The first circle of temporary traffic management measures

Area Range:

Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center in the center, north to north-century doors, Century City, South Gate, east end of Red Road, South Extension port, west of the intersection of radio and television area.

Temporary traffic management measures:

At 06:00 on September 25 -12:00 when temporary traffic management in addition to holding public security authorities issued << WCEC vehicle special vehicle permit >> Vehicles, to prohibit other vehicles from entering the region, and to strengthen regional road traffic order management, protection of road traffic is absolutely clear.

Second circle temporary traffic management measures

Area Range:

The first circle outside the region, to the north line Jincheng Road, South Tianfu Fourth Street, Tin Wah Road line, west of Tianfu Avenue (included) line, road names are the front line of the east region.

Temporary traffic management measures:

At 06:00 on September 25 -12:00, and take a sentinel on duty patrol management with a combination of traffic order in the region and the implementation of strict management of the vehicle Luantingluanfang, prohibited U-turn, with violation of traffic signs and markings , non-motorized illegal crossing the road, walking invasion roadway, retrograde, illegal manned loading, pedestrian illegal crossing roads, roadway and other traffic violations invasion phenomena go strictly punished( [1] [2]

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