Xi'an to Baoji opening and operation of high-speed rail plans this year started on 23 October FBI test

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BEIJING, Xi'an September 23 (Reporter Zhang Yuan) Xi'an to Baoji high-speed rail project will be officially launched during the operation, and in the 23rd FBI began testing for the official opening and operation to make final preparations.

FBI test that uses high-speed trains and other test equipment testing, prior to the opening and operation of the railway along the track, catenary, communications, signals and other equipment gradually be tested and the test results based on the discovery of the defect to be adjusted until all systems as well as overall system to meet the compliance requirements of high-speed operation and dynamic acceptance process.

Xi'an-Baoji Railway is the Chinese to the 'four vertical and four horizontal' main skeleton rapid rail network, 'a cross' - Xuzhou to Lanzhou, Zhengzhou important part of high-speed railway, east of Xi'an North Railway Station, the Xianyang Qindu stations, Yang Lingnan stations and Qishan station, west of Baoji South Station, in addition to Xi'an North Railway Station, the others are new station, construction mileage of 163 kilometers. Xi'an Xianyang Qindu Station North Station to the design speed of 250km / h, Baoji, Xianyang Qindu Station South Station design speed of 350km / h.

Xi'an-Baoji high-speed railway November 28, 2009 to start the construction, 14 June 2013 laying across the board to complete in the 23rd FBI began testing stage, Xi'an Railway Bureau will adopt the train detection test EMU train Comprehensive Test and other equipment, the completion of the track, catenary, for transformation, communication signals, operations scheduling, passenger services, disaster prevention and safety monitoring system, integrated video surveillance system FBI test and comprehensive grounding, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration and noise, tunnel aerodynamic effects train aerodynamic performance tests and a series of related test work, a comprehensive assessment of the safety of high-speed rail equipment, operational monitoring system reliability and applicability of service systems, and according to the test results for debugging, optimization, so that the overall system functionality to meet the line opening and operation conditions(http://www.best-news.us/).

According to reports, Xi'an to Baoji high speed rail opened, after Zheng Western high-speed rail can be connected to the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail, access to the national high-speed rail network, to shorten Northwest Territories and the major cities of temporal and spatial distance, convenience along public travel, to promote along the economic and social development , are of great significance. (END)

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